Therefore I bought new off-shoulder dress in Ayala Mall Makati.

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Hello, my friends!! TGIF😆❣️This time, I visited in the Philippines only a few days. (Next time, I will visit a couple of weeks.) This time I stayed in Makati. It is a big metropolis. It was raining all day ☔️ because it has become a rainy season already. But I enjoyed “Restaurant Hopping”🍴✨. One of them is “Kanin Club” in Makati. I found this restaurant through the internet. And looked at the reviews. They serves local food. I ordered Chopsuy, BBQ pork, Crub omelet and I had drank San Miguel Beer.
And then, I really wanted to wear my kimono but I couldn’t because of heavy rain. Therefore I bought new off-shoulder dress👗in Ayala Mall Makati.
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TGIF? It's Monday/Tuesday!


TGIF " Thanks God It's Friday"


But when you posted this it wasn't Friday is what I'm saying.


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