I tried to visit ramen restaurant named “Nagi 凪"

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マニラでラーメン凪(なぎ)さんに行ってみた!麺のかたさやトッピングなどは「おもてなしシート」に赤丸で。このスタイルもウケてる気がする。日本と同じ価格で流行ってるのもすごい。I tried to visit ramen restaurant named “Nagi 凪” in Robinsons Place Manira in Ermita. They offer one of Japanese style ramen “Tonkotsu”. The Filipino staff can speak a little bit Japanese. For example, “Youkoso!!Goraitendesuyo”. It means “Welcome to our restaurant. The customer come. ” And then, they have “Omotenashi sheet” and we can chose some “details” such as soup base, toppings, noodles firmness and something. we marked it by using a red pen. I chose one of Tonkotsu ramen that it flavored with basil. I guess basil is very good combination with its thick soup. Delicious!! image

The price is a same as ramen restaurants in Japan. It’s a bit expensive in the Philippines.



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I've always wanted to try the ramen