I enjoyed the dishes I ate in “Himawari-Shokudo”

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ひまわり食堂のお料理。パスタ2種類あり、迷ったけど両方😂白えびの冷製パスタ、アニョロッティダルプリン。【※遅めの夏休み?で次の営業は7日から。行かれる方は注意】I enjoyed the dishes I ate in “Himawari-Shokudo”. The first dish served was a deep fried mackerel with coriander. image

And I requested two kinds of pasta. The first one was a type of cold pasta and it used white shrimps. It's tasty because it nice and fresh. It's good for hot season. The other one was “Agnolottidal Plin”, a kind of pasta Ravioli. image
This dish is sophisticated that it is made to perfection. It’s delicious because Pasta is very thin, like a paper. I enjoyed the beef steak they use a local beef from Toyama Prefecture and this beef is very tender.



金沢グルメのバイブル 雅珠香(あすか)の美味献立(びみこんりゅう)|ひまわり食堂

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