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日本のコミュニティからの "steemians"友人のご挨拶。

湖の端に私は小さな緑のカメと他の色のスポットに気づいた。 このカメはエミディダエ(Emydidae)科に属し、海洋ではなく淡水種であり、池やラグーン、川に生息する水生生物や半水生生物であり、適切な場所を見つけなければならない場合には土地に移動します。






WATER TURTLE, Trachemys.....

Greetings "steemians" friends from the Japanese Community.

At the edge of the lake I noticed a small green turtle and spots of other colors. This turtle belongs to the family of Emydidae and are freshwater species, not marine, are aquatic and semi-aquatic, as they inhabit ponds, lagoons, or rivers, and go to land when they have to find suitable places to do the setting.

This is a Trachemys, a genus of aquatic turtles of the family Emydidae originating in America.

To our knowledge:
They are omnivorous or carnivorous turtles, eating these for example, crustaceans and fish.

And do not forget to take a minute of the day and dedicate it to observe the beauty of our nature, besides ..... it's free!

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He's a cute little thing. Thanks for sharing!


It is a small water turtle and wanders all over the lake and goes to shore to look for a place to rest. It's amazing to see her swim.

very good friend


Thank you @joha09sohi. The beauty of our nature is truly amazing