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This is the Japanese Tanuki - there is actually a real animal that looks like a dog/ raccoon called the Tanuki. Then there is the folklore that surround's this mystical creature. A prankster, a shapeshifter that can turn himself into a beautiful woman to seduce men. To stay on the good side of the Tanuki you can feed him fish - he loves fish and parched beans. They also have a large belly and large testicles, that are supposed to have magical power's. In 1924 a man in Tochigi Prefecture hunted a Tanuki and was arrested, but later acquitted because there were not any laws at the time against hunting them. They have been known to throw rock's at houses, and make scary noises a real mischief maker!!!

So when you are in Japan keep your eyes open, and carry some parched beans and fish as you do not want to get on the bad side of the Tanuki!!! :)
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Japanese tanuki raccoon dog nice

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