好きな漫画「ピポチュー」(コンテスト#2) Recommended Manga: Peepo Choo

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Hello. Nocty here. Once again I’m writing an article for @steemit-jp’s contest. (It’s great Japanese practice.) The theme this time is Japanese manga and anime (comics and animation).


During my college years, Japanese anime and manga were incredibly popular, but they are not so popular now. Anime is rarely broadcasted on television compared to before, but it’s normal for large bookstores to sell various manga.


One that I stumbled upon a few years ago is Peepo Choo.



Milton is a 16-year-old kid living in Chicago. He's a big fan of an anime called “Peepo Choo.” In order to collect Peepo Choo memorabilia, he works in a shop that sells anime, manga, American comics, and so on. One day, he wins a trip to Japan in a contest, and he, his co-worker Jody, and the store owner Gil fly to Japan. But Milton is surprised to learn that the real Japan is nothing like the world of “Peepo Choo.”

ミルトンさんとジェイミーさんは日本のバラエティ番組を観ます。 Milton and Jody watch a Japanese variety show.


Milton and Jody meet Reiko and Tanaka in the street. Tanaka and Milton quickly become friends, but Reiko speaks English well and has a bad feeling about American men. She has become a famous model, but she's not very happy with her life.

玲子:「17歳です。 • へんですね。。。 • アメリカ人はみんな背が高いと思った。」ミルトン:「じゃ、日本の女性はみんな小さくてかわいいと思った。 • 一生に間違いましたね。」 Milton and Reiko. Remember that in Japanese comics, the panels and word balloons are to be read from right to left.


Later, Jody meets Morimoto. Morimoto is a Yakuza member, but because of his carefree attitude and extreme violence, his superiors do not like him. Morimoto wants to be a character from an American gangster show.

森本:(下手な英語で)「ヨヨヨー • マイ•ネイム•イズ•モリモト•マッザー•ファッキン•ロックスター! • アル•ユー•ギャングスター?」ジョディー:「このやろうまじか?」Morimoto meets Jody.


But the truth is that this manga isn’t about the above-mentioned characters; it’s about Japanese-American relations and culture.


It’s got a lot of violence and sexual imagery, so kids, please don’t read it.


The creator is Felipe Smith. Felipe is an American, but was living in Japan when he wrote this, and wrote it in Japanese. (The English translation was also done by Felipe himself.) In this video, Felipe does a presentation of Peepo Choo. Have a look, please. (Sorry, Japanese only.)


If you have an interest in the relations and such of these two countries, give Peepo Choo a look!