Why Do I Suck At English Pronunciation? - Japanese English Pronunciation

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Why do many Japanese have English pronunciation problems? It is well known that Japanese people have trouble pronouncing L and R. There is a very simple answer to the question. In this video, Mei The Japanese Guy explains why Japanese people have a difficult time with English pronunciation, and picks 3 most problematic sounds for Japanese people.

Here's a great video to understand Japanese 'R' sound:

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“Mastering the American Accent” by Lisa Mojsin (The tables for English vowels and consonants are based on this book)

「日本語 <上>」 金田一 春彦 (The tables for Japanese vowels and consonants are based on this book)

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Ah, the notorious r/l sound. We should just vote to get rid of it. I mean get lid of it lol. The other sounds though, I don't think I could live without them.


Hahahaha get Lid of!!! Yeah we should get Lid of it! hahaha