An experience to have in your life - Attending a traditionl Japanese tea ceremony

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You might have seen that we attended a Japanese exhibition in one of my sister's previous posts. Well, let me add something to it. I'm sure you would be interested.

The purpose of the exhibition was to give us some idea about the Japanese culture. And there were few live events. And this is my favorite one.

Yay! It's tea time!!!

Well first of all, it wasn't an ordinary tea. In fact, It's an art. An art of patience and meditation. Watching it really calm your mind relax you. The process of it is slow and beautiful. It's really a something.

We even got the chance to drink tea according to the Japanese customs. I'm not a big fan of green tea but this time it was Ok. Maybe because of the sweets they offered us before.

It's an event to attend if you're interested in Japanese culture. I'm sure you'll b amazed
Thank for watching :) Have a nice day!

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It was interesting to watch the steps the man goes through in this tea ceremony. Thanks for sharing this video with us!

You're welcome! I'm glad to share my experience with you guys :)



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