Let's count in Japanese: Introduction to Japanese counting in my words

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Hey guys, I want to post a quick review about Japanese counting I learned yesterday .

Do you know that Japanese people use different counting methods to count different items? Let me tell you something about that.

Here is the normal number system.

1   -いち   ichi

2  - に    ni

3  - さん   san

4  - し/よん   shi/yon

5  - ご    go

6  - ろく    roku

7  - なな/しち   nana/shichi

8  - はち   hachi

9  - きゅう/く   kyū /ku

10 -じゅう   jū 

But this counting only valid for phone numbers. It changes when it comes to counting people, days, months and etc.

For an example, when counting people you have to add ''nin'' to the end of the number.

And this is a little nuts for learners, don't you think? They even use different counting method for small animals and big animals.

One for small ones and another for big ones. Can you imagine? I won't say much about that because Japanese people might get offended. All I have to say is they will be on the exam paper and I'll be most likely to mess them up.

I'll tell you how to count people in the next Japanese post. It'll also help me in my studies. 

Thanks for stooping by :) Have a nice day!


It's interesting to hear about the different ways Japanese people count things. I did not know that! Thank you Senpai 😃

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You're welcome! Thanks for reading :)

My favorite number is にじゅうよん。

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Hehe, I can see that. Any special reason?

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It is a secret(LOL)

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What? You can't tell me? :(

Yes. It is a secret(LoL).

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