Kanji of the day #6

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 Welcome to Kanji of the day #2!

I missed doing this serie. And my Kanji book is almost over. I've been practicing Kanji in free periods in my class.

Here's the Kanji that I'm going to present to you today.
(The numbers on it shows the stroke order)

Meaning - person



My vocabulary

人間(にんげい) - human ( ningei)

日本人(にほんじん)- Japanese person (nihonjin)

人口(じんこう) - population (jinkou)

人生(じんせい) - life (Jinkō)

人柄(ひとがら) - personality (hitogara)

一人(ひとり) - one person (hitori)

I made a sentence with this Kanji

やすさんはにほん人です。(yasu san wa nihonjin desu)

(Mr.Yasu is a Japanese person) Yeah, @yasu24 san, I'm talking about you:) 

Here's how I practiced it.

Information from kanji alive.

If you have any questions, I'll answer them with my little knowledge of Kanji. 

And I sincerely asking my Japanese friends to correct me if I'm wrong and share your knowledge with me. Please teach me, senpai!!! >v<

Thanks for dropping by... Have a nice day!


yasu san wa nihonjin desuは、yasu sam ha nihonjin desuの方が正しい文法かな〜

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Is it? I don't quite understand what you meant :(
Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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