Kanji of the day #3

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 Welcome to Kanji of the day #3!

Here's the Kanji that I'm going to present to you today. 

 (The numbers on it shows the stroke order)

Meaning - mountain

おんよみ:サン (san)

くんよみ:やま (yama)

My vocabulary

富士山(ふじさん)-Mt.Fuji (fujisan)

登山(とざん)ーmountain climbing (tozan)

岩山(いわやま)ーrocky mountain (iwayama)

山火事(やまかじ)ーbush fire (yamakaji)

火山(かざん)-volcano (kazan)

I made a sentence with this Kanji

富士山はにほんでいちばんたかい山です。(Fujisan wa nihon de ichiban takai yama desu)

Mt.Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan.

Here's how I practiced it.

Information from Kanji Alive.

  If you have any questions, I'll answer them with my little knowledge of Kanji. 

And I sincerely asking my Japanese friends to correct me if I'm wrong and share your knowledge with me. Please teach me, senpai!!! >v<

p.s: I have a question. When I typed Mt.Fuji in Japanese it showed two ways of writing it in Kanji. One was 富士山which I used and pronouncing showed as Fujisan and the other way is 藤山which showed the pronouncing as Fujiyama. Can you please explain me what's the difference and in which is the most suitable one? I'm a bit stuck. 

Thanks for dropping by... Have a nice day!


Hey @yasu24 san, can you answer my question?

Please give me some time.

Ok, take your time. I'm not in a rush :)




Yay one I know!

Oh I'm glad! :)

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