“Turtle Island タートルアイランド” Cut Paper Art 切り絵 Digital Art World デジタルアートの世界

in japanese •  9 months ago

“Turtle Island”

I created this cut paper art before and this time I made a digitally processed version.

I think there are many fun stories in the sky. When I am busy, I forget to look up at the sky and look down most of the time. However, when I look up at the sky, immediately it changes my feelings. Yes, it’s like I forget what I was thinking.

“タートル アイランド”



Cut Paper Art, Digitally Processed Art by @koto-art

My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1

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Nice work....Resteem...ciao Koto ;)


Thank you for your support @ran.koree!!!





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Pretty art, great artist @koto-art!👏👏


Thank you for your wonderful support all the time!!