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Do you like cute things and have sweet tooth?

If both answers are yet, you are invited :)
Most popular Japanese donuts company mister donut is now collaborating with two popular anime called Cocotama & Dragon Ball Super.

This set is called Kids set! (I'm not a kid but I am allowed to purchase it lol)

They released these adorable packaged donuts today in Japan!
So you are getting the latest information from this blog ;)

Absolutely adorable boxes and packages!


Oh my goodness~ Look at these super cute packages!


Delicious milk chocolate, white and strawberry chocolate glazed donuts with sprinkle of sugar to give shining magical looks!


When you purchase a kids set, you get this collectible glass.

There are 2 kinds and I wanted to get both, so I purchased two sets!
You also receive this exclusive sticker per set, it is only limited amount available for each shop, so it's kind of rare :)
Like I said, I got 2 set so I got 2 stickers!


BeFunky Co4llage.jpg


Now we have plenty of donuts, so let's enjoy with a cup of tea~!

Don't miss out this fun and cute event, hurry to mister donut!
I know what you are thinking!
Didn't she buy the Doragon Ball Super set?

You bet! How can I not buy them?

BUT I will save that to another blog because I want to give spot light for these cuties today :)


今日から発売のMister Donutキッズセット買ってきました♬


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No donuts for me, I need to be more careful... Especially since I had several pieces of cake recently :(

Awww yeah if you had piece of cake then... NO! You are allowed to have donuts especially if it's this cute :)

Some Donuts for your skinny Bull to gain weight :P

Seriously! No donuts?! 😜

I want to look like a bull, not a COW

Eat and exercise, eat and exercise 🍩

These are cute.
But how in the world do you get Cool Dragon Ball merchandise along with cutie stuffs???

Japan is very interesting isn't it!

YES, It is!!!
Gosh, I really want to be a part of a Cultural Exchange Programme.
(I know we all go a lot to share)

It's like this set is for girl and dragon ball one for boy :)

Perhaps, the best choice for twins.

your Donut Party in Japan looks brilliant for the kids

And adults 😜

Thank you! We enjoyed it!

Who dosent like yummy donuts and mostly when you get nice gifts along with them. They will make your wallet cry as well hehe

ahaha yeah they do! garrrr too many cute things!

amazing post loved it hoping to see more from you

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I love donuts with chocolate or caramel 🍩

ah! with caramel! I love that too! of course chocolate as well <3

Now that's the party everyone would love to join in :D

yeah! We all had good time looking at the package and eat donuts!

Such cute wrapper for donut. I guess after eating, you must have kept the wrapper?

I should have kept it! Well I am keeping the box XD