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I like sushi very much

Eating sushi is very healthy

I like sushi , sashimi, combined with a glass of good white wine 🍷:)

I was thinking to start a sushi 🍣 restaurant for my own

But problem is that I am not a talented cook 👩‍🍳 😂

The other day I started thinking about that restaurant idea again .. guess why?!

I thought again about that idea after I saw online a sushi robot 🤖 lol

Yes, a robot who was desinged only for making sushi 🍣

I would appreciate any guidance regarding this project 🙏🏼

So today I came back to your post about sushi to ask you about that

Have you ever heard , saw, or used such a sushi robot?

Please advise , if you can, about this idea.

wow looks very Yummy ;)


I love to post you jonsuda, good job.