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Today we want to share an important update with you all – we are starting to support crowd initiatives from the Japanese community. We see this as a great opportunity and chance to build stronger connections with these incredible people.

What does it mean?

• For a start, proven curator and very dedicated Steemian @yasu24 will join crowdmind ranks and help us with curation and cooperation with people from Japan.

• We will create a dedicated channel on our Discord server, where the Japanese community may come and participate in our discussions, brainstorming and everything we do.

• In a long term, we hope we will build strong relations and learn a lot from each other. We are looking forward to our mutual projects and ideas, and hope this cooperation will bring benefits to all.

Why we do this?

The whole world can learn a lot from Japan and its people. Language differences should not stop us from building the bridges and work together. This will start slowly, but we hope the community will recognize it and join us so we all can create something great.

Welcome our dear friends, and happy crowdsourcing!


What is this incredibleness?!?

Lol just some stop motion that I made as a test for a project that I'm gonna do :D

That’s wonderful!

Great, will be looking forward to what's to come out of this!

Ya @crowdmind we feel happy to learn about other countries more and more..

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