Shoulda Used Steem - DApps That Ordinary People Can Use Have An Edge

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According to Fortune Magazine (the online version)

...distributed applications remain a novel technology that is impressive in theory but hard to put into practice. This is likely to change as companies shift from proof-of-concept projects into building interfaces that make DApps accessible to ordinary consumers.

I agree. And this is good news for those of us on Steemit, because we're already using the most-used DApp on the most-used blockchain that is the most accessible to ordinary consumers. That means we're ahead of the curve 3X!

The only thing I disagree with from the article is, like, why didn't they mention Steem? Don't they do any research?

Shoulda Built It On Steem

Cryptokitties is a great idea, but they really should have built it on Steem instead of Ethereum. Steem Monsters built on Steem, and they seem to be doing much better than the 500 or so users that Cryptokitties has. Steem already has a lot of users ready to try new DApps and share them with other people. Plus it's faster than Ethereum, cheaper than Ethereum, and can handle far more traffic than Ethereum. Now. Not at some vague date far in the future.

Augur is even worse off than Cryptokitties. Less than 50 users? That's crazy. They should have built it on Steem. Maybe they'll switch over when SMTs come out. I'm not sure if SMTs will support prediction markets like Augur, though. But it seems like they should be able to. It's just basically gambling, which Steem already supports.

Anyway, here's a link to the original article on Fortune, if you're interested.

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