Old money

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FULL MONEY FUNDS OF INDONESIAN (ORI) MONEY. Already long before the independent and established Indonesian state, the currency of the Netherlands Indies government was officially adopted as a means of exchange and general economic transactions of the people.
The Dutch East Indies money in nominal Dutch East Indies Gulden money was issued in a two-language series, written in Dutch and Malay. Graphically and technically the Dutch East Indies Guldeh Money was experiencing significant developmental phases, with the theme of selling the exotic nature and culture of Indonesia at the time.

The tide of the development of old money Indonesia (ORI) in circulation at that time was never separated from the development of colonial power to the political situation and the struggle for independence which also colored the presence of this payment instrument. Practical money circulation at that time experienced several phases, including in the monetary phase of the Dutch Hindi, the phase money monies Dai Nippon / Japanese era, the money phase Nica, Federal, until the phase of ORI money circulation covering ORI 1947, 1949 (new ORI ), 1950 (RIS).