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Do you know Anpanman?
He is a hero made of red bean bread with his own tv show.

He is a part of Japanese people’s childhood.
He always saves people from Baikinman which means Mr.germs.

But Anpanman has only one weakness.
When he wets his face, he loses his power.
So the baker always bring him new his face.

I showed my daughter Anpanman for the first time today.
She didn’t understand yet,

But I remember when I was a child.
I liked it.
It always had a good plot.

Have you seen it?


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Since my daughter was born I watched it together with her. I enjoyed each one of the movies.
Back then in Germany the internet was just growing and the only provider was Telecom. We needed to get the DVDs from grandmother in Japan. 懐かし😌

Really? That's so cool. I hope my husband can watch it together with my daughter too!