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Before I came to America, I worked as a manager and a chef at a small cafe. The working shift was 10am-10pm. I got an hour break( but if it was busy I didn't get a break). We closed every Tuesday so my day off was only on Tuesdays. I got no overtime pay, no holidays off, no vacations and no sick days off ( They didn't let me take off even if I had a fever).


My friends who were working as chefs had told me stories about their work experience. One said that they were working from 5 in the morning until after midnight, cleaning up for half of the day even on their day off. Their salary was a little over $2000 a month; The other one said that they had been working for 16 hours a day for four months straight. So I shouldn't complain because plenty of people work in really bad work environments. I was getting near $3000 a month, and my job was better than theirs.


I was responsible for all managerial duties such as performing inventory checks, creating the lunch menu, checking the food quality, performing cost checks, creating the employees' schedule, training staff, cleaning and so on. While I was swamped by regular task every day, my boss pressed me to increase sales, train the workers thoroughly, write blogs, write tweets and to fix the sign outside when it was crooked. I was sick of him always calling us and checking on us.
If someone was late to work or made a mistake in front of him, he told me " Fire her" with no mercy. I said " Oh, please. I'll make sure she doesn't do it again. She's trying her best. " And he said "I'm the one paying you. If I say no then that means no. Fire her!". He was that type of person.


When the restaurant first opened, there was another head chef and a sub-manager however they couldn't take his arrogance, so they quit the job. He also managed a club. I used to work at the restaurant during the day and work at his club at night as a bartender. He fired a sound engineer who had been working for him for a long time the reason why was because " He didn't listen to him," He then cut off a manager whom everyone trusted because "he got on his nerves."


Thanks to him we were confused all the time, he was relentlessness, he drove us into a corner, he blamed us for every bad thing, he gave us more work knowing it was too much.
He was always like that.
I never heard a good thing about him. He was always bumping heads with people and making enemies. He was detested by many.


When I was applying for my E2 visa in America, my lawyer told me I need to get an employment certificate and a recommendation later from Japan. My head chef and manager experience would help me get my visa more easily. They told me I should get a letter from that boss. "Ugh. I have to ask such a person for help" I thought. I didn't want to think about him, but I had to contact him.


I didn't use social media such as Facebook etc. I didn't keep in contact with any of my coworkers from that time.
I searched the internet and was shocked to find out that he was killed four years ago(from now). He was burned to death after being strangled by his brother in law. His parents were found dead too. His brother in law committed suicide. Nothing short of a tragedy.


"No way!" I thought. It was not until two years later that I found out the news. I was upset and searched related news again and again and read it over and over. According to the articles, my ex-boss and his brother in law had a debt of 1 million dollars, and their parents were the guarantor for their debt. "Could they have been holding a grudge due to money troubles..?" The truth hasn't come to light yet.


When I was working for his company in Japan. I didn't like him either. I thought how cruel he was; he might be an actual demon, I didn't feel like he was a human like us. But when I think back, he took us employees on a trip to eat tako-shabu( very thinly sliced octopus is cooked in a traditional hot-pot full of boiling )and live octopus and once we had an after party following a big company event. Those were fun memories. When we had record sales numbers, he called our restaurant and said "Good job!". I couldn't understand why he treated people so terribly, but I could see that he wanted to do his best for his restaurant business and while preparing music events. That's why I was able to continue to work for his company. I am so shocked that he died like that. I am so sorry.

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