素敵なホリデーシーズン A lovely holiday season

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It's Christmas season! Since it's after Thanksgiving day, I've seen that a lot of people are decorating their houses and wearing Santa Claus hats and reindeer sweaters lately.

I love Christmas in America because people get together with their family on Christmas day. In Japan, people spend time with their boyfriend or girlfriend on Christmas day, so if you're single, people think you are a loser, and you feel miserable and lonely... I don't like it. You don't have to feel sad just because you don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you know? In America, It's more important to spend time with your family. I didn't like holidays before I met my husband. I have no family in America, and I missed Japan so much.

アメリカに来て、どれだけ家族かという事に気づきました。自分の妻に、旦那に、お父さん、お母さん、子ども、兄弟、従兄弟にも「I love you」と人前でもためらわずに言い、いつも温かく抱きしめてくれる人々。
旦那のお姉さんやお父さんが、「バイバイ」と言う代わりに「I love you」と言ってハグしてくれた時、アメリカって素敵な国だなと思いました。



I realized how important family is when I came to the United States. People don't hesitate to say " I love you" to their wife, to their husband, dad, mom, kids, siblings, cousins, etc. in front of people and they always give them big hugs. It's embarrassing to say " I love you" for Japanese people, especially in front of people. In Japan, the phrase "I love you" sounds so serious. We don't say it like a greeting word. We don't hug either. When my sister in law and my dad in law said "I love you" to me instead of saying "bye" and gave me a hug, I thought American is such a beautiful country.

I'm so ashamed that I never thought to go to my parents' house during the holidays when I was in Japan. I avoided meeting my relatives.

Next time when I go back to Japan, I want to show them my appreciation and how much I miss and love them.

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