Why Japan’s Biggest Messaging App Line Decided to Create Its Own Crypto

in japan •  3 months ago

  • The end of last month saw Line, Japan’s most widely-used messaging app (boasting >200m active users), announce its plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, named LINK. LINK is now listed on Line’s digital asset exchange BitBox, which it launched in July.

  • Uniquely, as reported by Cointelegraph, Line is not raising capital in exchange for LINK via an ICO, but is instead using a mechanism called ‘airdrop’, under which it rewards its users with the token when they use products within the Line ecosystem.

  • As to how LINK can potentially be used? The company is planning to release a range of DApps in the near future, related to content, commerce, social, gaming and exchange – on which LINK will be used as the primary payment method.

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