Summer Is Here, Let's Soumen!

in #japan5 months ago

In these dark times, Japan, land of wonders, has just upped their game. Toy maker Takara Tommy is promoting their "Soumen Slider".

It's actually brilliant for two reasons. First, summers are brutally hot in Japan so eating cold foods is a must. Second, these soumen slides are always popular at events. Although usually they are made from bamboo and much longer so multiple people can line up and try to catch the soumen coming down the slide.

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The toy costs about $110.


You'll probably use it once or twice and it will live the rest of it's life tucked away in a closet, but damn you will have fun, especially after a few drinks! If someone upvotes this post to $110 I promise I will get this and do a drunken video of me trying to catch the soumen sliding down! Maybe I'll fill the slide with sake instead of water!

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Hope this quick little post cheered you up! Now back to the riots.

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