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Experimenting With CoinHive Javascript Monero Miner For Wordpress

in japan •  10 months ago

Browser Mining

I started building a new site for my event, Crypto Night in Tokyo. While putting it together I remembered that there are browser miners you can integrate that will mine crypto when someone visits your site. So I decided to look into one and I think I found a winner.

Before I go any further let me start by saying I was totally opposed to the browser miners that mine without the end user's consent. That is why I was relieved to find Coinhive. Their javascript miner alerts the visitor and asks their consent before mining. If you decline then it just takes you straight to the site. When I read that I decided to give their system a try.

At first I tried to run the javascript directly on the site, but it was more difficult than I had anticipated. I'm not a dev so getting the javascript configured to coffeescript was too difficult. So I went the norm route and switched to a plugin that does it for you. The plugin is called "Coin-Miner".

This plugin actually allows you to use one of two different services, Coinhive or Coinimp. I haven't looked into Coinimp yet so I won't comment on it. Coinhive however seems to work fine. After installing the plugin you then go into the settings of the plugin. Here you can control different variables for mining. You will also need to put in your public & private keys from Coinhive which I will get to next.

Once you get to this point you will need to set up your Coinhive account. While doing that you should also have your Monero wallet address handy to set up where your payments will go to.

Once you have your keys you can then return and put them in the Coin-miner settings. After doing that and saving you're set up! Pretty easy.

Back to the Coinhive site, you need to set up your Monero wallet address in the "Payments" section. You have time to do this though because unless you have a high traffic site you probably won't be earring the minimum payout amount for a while.

Another function of the Coinhive site is it will track mining data for you. Coinminer will too, but it's more crude than Coinhive.

I'm testing this out to see how people react to it. If I get too many complaints I'll shut it off, but I think it is a great alternative to advertising. As long as POW is around I can see it becoming more popular. It sure beats all those pop-up ads and other BS advertising we are bombarded with.

Check it out on my site https://cryptonighttokyo.com . What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading!

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The javascript monero miner is interesting, you hardly get any monero from it though, even with my high traffic website


Are you letting the users opt out/in? I'd like to see what the % is of people who opt in.

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Thats a nice idea about the site mining suff well am a dev you feel free to contact me when you have a problem in dev your site.


Thanks @blinkz. I can handle most stuff, it's just a matter of if I have time or want to put in the effort.

Caring about your visitors, something that is definitely holding back guys like us... no warnings would net much more income :P


Believe me the temptation is burning me up, but I value my visitors. I can throw the miners on my bitcoin sites 😎.

I have also experimented on my website. I think it is the future of web revenue. Imagine a world where instead of annoying ads and popups you would mine a small amount on every website. Unfortunately most people disagree and can only see the hacks and bad side of it.


Ya, the problem was it started out nefarious where guys were hijacking your machine and not letting you opt in/out. It's gonna take a while for people to trust the monetization of websites by mining, but I think it will happen.

BTW, have you made any $$??

Waw it’s nice idea for mining .Maybe I will try it too, but I do t have really traffic 😀 so i can mine allone on my site. Hihi

I think that for people how are not in the crypto world and don’t know what is mining , it can looks like something scary . For crypto peopel is more understandable and can working good!

I wish it’s working with your new Project.


But, most people who visit my site will know about crypto to some degree. I hope it works too!