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What's with that word? haha

Great video bro. I now understand it. There are a lot of Asians in London that wear face masks. I'm not sure if they're all Japanese, but this makes a lot of sense now. I've always thought it had to do with the pollution in London and they not wanting any of it :)


Ultimate burn, Ade. I need some Aloe Vera now.

What if it was a girl from Virtual Currency Girls? Haha
It would be so cool!!


Virtual currency girls?!?!
How did I not know about this?


Hahaha if you're curious about them, check out this!

Excellent content! Nice to see one of your videos again... I hope you feel well. Greetings from Venezuela-


Thank You - Keep Singing!!!

Wow! Japanese culture is so out there and This video was super interesting for me because I do not know so much about the culture! Sad to hear about the make-up culture :( It does not sound nice from my own perspective.


There are lots of ladies that dont wear makeup - but yeah I think its pretty intense in the business/office world for both sexes really.