Top Book about Japanese Cooperatives (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–45 … My Adventures in Japan)

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"The poor people of Hokkaido’s fishing villages in post-war Japan struggled to free themselves from the clutches of the usurious money lenders.”

This is the only good book on the subject. Well, actually … it’s the ONLY BOOK on the subject. But it’s pretty good.    

My long-time friend Naoyuki Tao wrote the entire text in Japanese, after which he translated it into English. Then, he asked me to edit the text, which I did.    

Tao-san’s writing was excellent, such that this was one of the easiest and most enjoyable editing / proofreading jobs that I undertook during my many years in Japan. Since its publication, I’ve heard praise from more than a few people around the world about the quality of the writing and the readability of the text.    

Each time I hear that, I have to clarify that my editing is not the main reason for the quality. Without Tao-san’s engaging story-telling, his superb writing, and his great colloquial prose, I would never have been able to polish it into the fine readable book it turned out to be.     (Image source)

Let’s all cooperate … and prosper 

As for the content, it’s an intriguing history about how the poor people of Hokkaido’s fishing villages in post-war Japan struggled to free themselves from the clutches of the usurious “money lenders.”

By adopting the principles of the cooperative movement and working together for the benefit of all, they were able to develop thriving businesses and vibrant communities, all within a decade or so. And they continue to prosper – thanks to their cooperative spirit and their unwavering focus on mutual development.   

Tao-san, your spirit and ideals live on, in many fishing villages in Hokkaido, throughout Japan, and in various regions around the world.    (Image source)

   Introduction to – “Notes from Under the Tatami Mats”  (right-click on title)

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Really inspiring story! The people in Myanmar too are beginning to discover the beauty of cooperatives. There were too many trapped in the debt cycle.


Great. I understand that Myanmar must continue to develop, and one way they can do so for the benefit of all in society is to establish cooperatives. Good luck!!

So interesting, cooperation is a wonderful element of development and it is nice that it well embraced by Myanmars . Very lovely !

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Such a nice post.i want to invite you in india because india is a good country .come and enjoy


This post is about Japan. And, re your invitation, I lived in Gurgaon over 2008-2012. That's enough of India for me, at least for now.

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great & impressive

Nice adventure man !!

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This is a similar country that, post World War II, had no assets, assaulted plants, no purchasing power! Be that as it may, they had an extraordinary want to survive and succeed. Driven by the Emperor of Japan.

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Without a cooperative spirit they wouldn't have done anything at all.
We need great team work to make better changes.
Thanks to tao san too! God bless

Love your posts
Read this when you have time, let me know what you think I would LOVE any thoughts <3

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