Top 8 Possible Titles for a Great Novel about Life in Japan (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–46 … My Adventures in Japan)

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“Ai, ai, ai! That’s a Strange Kinda Love. (or) How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bimbos.”

As I have stated before, Japan and its unique and intriguing culture offer a wealth of material for a writer.   

During one well-fueled brainstorming session with a few friends at a local izakaya  (a Japanese-style pub), we came up with the above titles for novels. We all agreed that they were catchy and definitely “inspired.”    (Image source)

Titles for the taking

Unfortunately, I am not a fiction writer, and probably never will be. So, the only writing I can produce on the subject is these “Notes from Under the Tatami Mats.”    

(Therefore, I thought it best to share the above titles with you. Anyone who wants to borrow / steal / use one or more of them is free to do so.)         (Image source)

   Introduction to – “Notes from Under the Tatami Mats”  (right-click on title)

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Images sourced from Google Images, unless otherwise indicated or unless my own.

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Ai, ai, ai! Seems like an exlamation in Japan right? Lol. The novel's titles are catchy but creating a story in line with such titles won't be easy. it will be easier of the creator of the title to create a fitting story for such title because he/she knew the thoughts that gave birth to such title.


It seems as if you are trying to motivate me to write those novels. I'll consider it, but don't expect too much, and please don't expect any novels any time soon. But thanks for the encouragement.

By the way, in Japanese, the word "ai" means "love." However, in English, we use the expression "ai, ai, ai" when we hear something that is just a little bit unpleasant, just a little bit negative.


You alone know the reason behind the titles. Even if someone else writes it, it may not be as eventful and interesting as it would be if you write it. Beside, you're already a master in English vocabulary. So you have the tools.


Yes, that's probably true that I might be the one who should write them.
Anyway, re the expression "Ai, ai, ai, ..." , I just heard it while watching this vid –

At the 8:35~~8:39 part, the announcer expresses his shock at how stupid Trump seems to be. After reading one of Trump's statement, then puts his head in his hand and says ... "Ai, ai, ai, ..."


In this world we need more novel writers so do it!


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thanks a million for the link and information. helped a lot :)

I love Japan! I find your post informative :-D I wanna go to Japan someday...


Glad you like them. I hope you get to Japan some time in the future, and learn about it yourself.

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I'm interested in the Bimbos title. Sounds exciting! 😎


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Novels ,I like them..

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

the best thing in japan is they are making animes with perfect stories

These are incredible novel topics, topics that are quite unlikely to interest a UK or even US reader. But I then realize that Japan is neither UK nor US. Japan is Japan. This is Japan, you once hinted, is a popular saying to justify Japan's weirdness. So, I agree with you on these topics. They could possibly fascinate and enchant a Japanese mind.

So far, I've enjoyed the notes from under your sprawling Tatami mats. Although the notes are largely non-fiction, the storytelling have been great and compelling. This leaves me with the belief that you could make a great novelist if you're ready to invest the time. Moreover, what lured you and your friends to think up novel topics if you never intended to write a novel? Strange.

PS: Much of your writing style reminds me of H. Rider Haggard, the greatest, I believe, British adventure novelist. If you ever make up your mind on writing fiction, I believe you'll do well writing an adventure and in the first person narrative point of view.

In the spirit of the pen,

I read Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and it was very well-researched. It took her 10 years to complete the novel. Currently, I'm reading Backstabbing for Beginners. Very catchy title. All the best to you!

A possible tittle "How To Be More Polite Like The Japanese"


That would be more catchy! Nice idea!