Top 3 Foreign Columnists in The Japan Times (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–48 … My Adventures in Japan)

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“An ideal balance – mature, but with a fine sense of the absurd.”

Reading these 3 columns was always a delight and a chance to learn and understand more about Japan.  

Tokyo Toe

In “Tokyo Toe,” Kennedy would present vignettes of many and various idiosyncrasies of Japanese culture, food, life, and more.

It was just the thing for any expat trying to develop a suitable and proper love-hate relationship with the country.    (Image source)

Fuzzy Logic

“Fuzzy Logic” covered the rock / pop music scene and youth culture in Tokyo, particularly the more underground parts. Because I lived in the north, I did not spend much time in Tokyo, but Bartz’s column provided a great window on an aspect of Japanese culture that is not often covered, but which surely deserved to be.

And when he was not telling us about another great new band or fantastic venue, he at least wrote about his wild experiences in one of the coolest cities in the world.    (Image source)


“Seriously” was the most interesting of these columns. Of these 3 gaijin-writers in Japan, Lazarus was older than Bartz, and younger than Kennedy.

“Seriously” reflected an ideal balance between the perspectives of those other two – mature, but with a fine sense of the absurd. And it was superbly written.     (Image source)

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