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This Is What A Demographic Crunch Looks Like

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I'm not seeing what's so bad about what you are describing. That Seven 11's will only be open from 7 to 11? (god forbid!). It wasn't that long ago that places were never open 24 hours except maybe in the largest cities. I admit the robot priest is a bit creepy, though not as creepy as some human priest molesting the alter boys.

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The molesting priest meme is another social engeneering program run by the same crowd. There has been a very long struggle between the Catholic church, Protestants and Jews. In this age of discovery, it is a great time to read Dr E Michael Jones work on this topic. He owns Culture Wars Magazine and has many discussions on themtube. Libido Dominari is a genuine eye opener.

The question is not what is happening, but why is it happening.

Dude, this is an example to show that the country is experiencing under-population. The economic results from that are quite clear. Who's going to provide the production for the company, and pay to sustain all the old farts? It's not that complicated. You can't read James with blinders on.


I wasn't arguing over is point he was making, but the examples are very lame. If the outcome is we don't get 24 hours stores then it's not a big deal.