Mt Misan, Miyajima Japan

in #japan6 years ago


uI took the ferry boat ride from the main land to Miyajima Island which was about a 25 minute ride.

Not too far from the ferry dock is the Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate which is painted bright orange. It is an icon in the area.

So I went for a hike up to the top of Mt Misen which was 2,000 ft of hiking. It ended up with 4.3 miles round trip. The way up was fairly steep climbing a rock stairway. It went on for quite a ways like this, a lot of sweating in 65* f weather...

At the top we were rewarded with spectacular views. There is an observation deck with 360 degree views! So here are a few shots...

Would you make the hike to see this view?

I highly recommend visiting this island if you ever visit Japan, it was a great experience!!!

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