In Osaka Japan

in #japan6 years ago

After a long flight from SFO to Taiwan, then into Osaka, I purchased a train pass from the kiosks.

In many asian countries, bikes are just about everywhere. You even see men with suits riding bikes.....which you never see in California.

I went to a market inside of Osaka station and they had plenty of prepared Japanese foods.

There is a district in Osaka named Dotonbori which is a huge shopping and eating area. The Glico photo on the building is probably one of the most photographed landmarks in the area.

A view from the other side

I'm enjoying my time here so far as it is so much different than in the USA. Too bad I only know a few words/phrases in Japanese... Must study some more!


Have a great trip!

Thanks, it has been a hectic few days... constantly on the move...

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