Tomorrow is 9/1, and start of second half of school in Japan

in japan •  2 years ago 

Tomorrow is September 1st, which is the typical day that Japanese school starts the second half of the year.

In western countries, it may sound awkward but this has been the case for Japan.

Since school year is divided by the summer vacation, typical students have loads of summer homework to do. Including basic math, language question book, research project and journals in some case. These tons of work can't be done in few days but need well planned schedule to accomplish. Some family might have argument or family project to try finishing the children's homework. This has been taken as typical joke in the Japanese culture as well.

However in the 21st century, this has been escalated to serious problem. September 1st has been the day that many children decides to suicide.

As many people know, Japan has lead number of suicide per year, and tomorrow might be the day that contribute to that annual data. This has damaging effect in Japan, as young lives is taken away and average population grow in age.

Effect in economic power, future talents may be buried forever.

We cannot do anything after knowing this, but please just remember that life of children is important. If you see a children, or whoever is younger than you keep in your mind that they are the future. Treat them nice but teach what they need to know to make our future better.

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