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Japan has so many amazing preserved and peaceful shrines dotted throughout the country, even in the big cities you will always be able to find a peaceful place to walk and relax in a nearby shrine.

This particular shrine I'm sharing is from my favorite area in Japan that is the Mt. Fuji Five Lakes, this shrine is called Kawaguchiko Asama. It is in very close proximity to Mt.Fuji, which gives it an especially relaxing, peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.


This is the entrance into the shrine, and just past the shrine is one of the main trails you can hike to climb Mt. Fuji.


A long and mesmerizing trail leading you to the shrine.


These large rocks can be found throughout the shrines location, the rope and white ribbons tied around them and large trees designate their ages.






This picture is of large barrels of sake that are used in a ceremony preformed when opening the trail that goes up to Mt. Fuji.

I love how most of the shrines in Japan will look very similar, and very simple in colors and design, but each shrine will carry with it its very own aura and feel that makes it completely different when visiting. It is always important to remember when visiting either a shrine or a temple that you should respect the local culture and the people that worship there.


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