Japan's flood death toll rises to 179

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The number of people dead in heavy rains, floods and landslides in Japan's west has reached 179 Still many disappear. Thousands of people are trapped in the shelter. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to visit the disaster area on Wednesday. These information was reported in the AFP report.


More than 70,000 workers have been rescuing the fire service and the army.

Due to flooding in Japan, the number of people dead due to various diseases is likely to increase. Sudden flood and landslide rescue is hampered.

The BBC Online report said the operation to rescue the people trapped in the disaster continues. So far, more than two million people have been evacuated to safe place from river erosion and severe storms. Still many people are missing. Different schools and gymnasiums have been opened for people who have lost their shelter.
There are still warnings of floods in different parts of Japan. This includes several areas in the southern part of the country. If the weather conditions are somewhat better in the next few days, it will be easy to run rescue. A government official involved in the rescue said to AFP, "We are checking separately from each house, whether there is anyone stuck there or not. We know it's like fighting with time. But we are trying our best.


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