Monthly Review: January 2018

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HI GUYS! Its me Schizophrenia, and I´m doing my January 2018´s monthly review today! 

Well, Lets get started 

January 1st 2018: New Year, Yay! It's now 2018 in the Gregorian calendar,  1467 in the Armenian one And Aprox.  4714-4715 in China, etc. Time to make new objectives to the new year (that most probably you won't accomplish) and other things. The new year is met with mixed responses

The Eurasia Group is more of the "Cynicist" type

January 3rd: Analysts inform about two vulnerabilities called "Meltdown" and "Spectre", who affect almost all of the world's microprocessors. xkcd has an (extremely simplified) explanation of what they do. (Hint: It has to do with privacy and it's bad)


At the left: logo given to Meltdown by the team who discovered it. At the right: Spectre's very own logo

 January 9th: An 7.6 magnitude earthquake appears at the coasts of Honduras. No reports of wounded or dead

January 15th: The Pope goes to Chile

January 17th: Nintendo announces "Labo", a series of cardboard toys. Memes ensue

January 20th: USA announces an partial closure of it's activities due to not having money. Also marks the first anniversary of Professional Golfer Donald Trump as the President 


January 26th: Release of Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighter Z

January 31th: Total eclipse

Did you enjoy January? How do you expect the rest of the year will be? Leave your comments below

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