''WUSHU CHALLENGE''___accepted

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@janicehung is giving away $100 SBD through a''WUSHU CHALLENGE'' it is her way of appreciation to all her followers and to those who supported the steemit journey.

My 10 years old daughter accepted the challenge





She's an avid fan of martial arts.., when I told her about this challenge she's kinda excited to do the stunt. Earlier today after telling her about the wushu challenge, She took some pics of herself doing some stunt, without my knowing haha and I will share it too you.



A months ago she enrolled herself in taekwondo, I was a bit worried because she's too young to do that stuff. But seeing her happy while doing those things, I am also happy for her.

Hope you like it



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Wow. Ang galing


thanks @zoeroces :)

Your daughter is an avid fan of martial arts, nothing to say, she is.😀😀😀


haha thank you..yeah she is :)

Nice kaye :)


thank you daw tita @daisyt23

Ang galing naman! upvoted @iyam


salamat po maam @iyam :)

Well done, sweetie! :)


hehe...thanks @escuetapamela

Wow, she is incredible, well done!


@nikolina thank you :)

Hu @misspinay85,

thanks for posting steemitdavao tags

Upvoted and resteem your post.

Greetings from your steemitdavao family

Well done.,


thank you @leslyfay

Good job! Best of luck!😀

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Wow! Your daughter accepted and performed the challenge wonderfully! It's nice to see our little girls (especially for moms like us) do this...and in a great way. Good job momma and daughter!

Hope she won't use the marshal art on her crush


She's cute and maganda

Upvoted and following u