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I don’t need a weapon. I am one. One of my favorite characters to cosplay.


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Greetings, charming Janice

I need to say that here where I live, Brazil, is very rare, I think impossible (so much that I have never seen), find a girl with a beauty so beautiful and different as yours.

Returning to the subject of the post, your picture is very cool. You remind me, through her, that actor who fights martial arts who has made several really cool movies of action. His name is Robin Shou. I think he's a great actor and a fighter.

Thank you and good afternoon!!!!

WOW! What a great poster of you! Do you know Alodia Gosiengfiao? I watch some of her YouTube videos.

I just LOVE the sense of CONFIDENCE you emit! Its EXTREMELY contagious!

I love it!! You look like a beautiful but dangerous wushu wolverine!!
With the sharp wolverine like claws!!
Bear Hugs!! but don't scratch!! LOL :-D

Wow, that is a terrific illustration. Is this from Kuya James?

GV family loves the Wushu Queen of the Philippines!!

Looks like you have a double post. Maybe the issue with transaction broadcast error again.

This is really an awesome picture that looks like a scene from a comic book. It's like an animated version of you. You are after all a precious piece of art. I love seeing you cosplay and transform into different characters. With you, anything is possible.

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This is awesome once we will try to brand your name as you are a great fashion icon,i can print on t shirts.

Really Amazing ! Wow @janicehung

haha look so badass