WUSHU CHALLENGE: @divinekids Accepted

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Are you up for a challenge?! Join @janicehung's Wushu Challenge

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@janicehung is celebrating her 1000 followers milestone by giving back to the community. She has 100SBD in store for those who's up to her challenge. Here it goes...
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Our entry goes something like this...

We are a bunch of active kiddos and our mommy @arrliinn encouraged us to do the Wushu stances like that in Janice Hung's post. Why not? It sounds fun!

For quite some time now, even before Janice's challenge, we have been stretching daily to increase our flexibility.

About the picture (from mommy @arrliinn)

Little Miss, Gabbie, 3 years old, has been doing leg split exercises and she is already so good at it. She is the one at the right-most picture on the collage. Nowadays, apart from almost perfecting the split, she can also bend and reach each of her knees with her head.

At the center is Kuya. He is homeschooled. We are actually thinking of enrolling him either in a music class or martial arts class. Hmmm, or maybe both? SBD's... rise! :D Kuya is challenged because he has lost a lot of flexibility, unlike his two younger siblings. He now does more stretching too. Look at his pose on the picture? Nice form, eh?!

Janjan, our Little Monster is two years old. We showed him the pictures of the stances and he gamely posed. lol. He even says, "Hiiiii---yaaahhhh!!!!" He is the one at the left-most picture on the collage.

Behind the Scenes LOL

Ok, their stances are not perfect to compare with Janice. But if we put together all three, will that pass already? Haha!


No children were harmed while doing these poses. We totally enjoyed it and will keep on practicing.

What are you waiting for? Join @janicehung's challenge. You have up to March 5 to put in your entries.

100SBD total in prizes:
The Grand Prize Winner will get $50 SBD
and there will be 5 consolation prizes of $10 SBD each.

Thanks for reading!


Written and composed by @arrliinn for the @divinekids. We shall manage their account until such time that they are old enough to be allowed to use the internet. Kuya and Little Miss are well aware of steemit and each posts made on their behalf are their own ideas.
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Thanks @arrliinn. What a great group of precious children you have. And learning this Discipline and doing it ...is very impressive :)


Yes @robertandrew. They really enjoyed doing this. Hope to take it to the next level. 😉

OMG!! Kids doing this, I'm ashamed of myself :sobs: ...


Hahaha... You can do it also @okoyecb


Ohhh, don't be @okoyecb!

They're so adorb! Goodluck, sana malao ang kids!


Thanks! Sana nga. Hehe.

good job guys!
grabee tinalo pa kami sis @arrliinn!!
cno next? hehehe


haha! Enjoy na enjoy naman sila sis @sunnylife.
Join ka na rin. :D


hahhaa cge try lang just for fun!
kelngan ng practice haha
thanks sis:)

So cute!!!
Good job!😀 Gentle reminder. Kindly check if all in the list below were done.

Mechanics of the WUSHU CHALLENGE:

  1. You must be my follower.
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing any of my wushu stances or forms.
  3. Pick two (2) kinds of Wushu Forms
  4. Make a collage of your wushu pose with my wushu picture.
  5. Resteem this post.
  6. Make a Post about it with your collage and put the title "WUSHU CHALLENGE" and use the following tag


Don’t forget to post the link of your post in the comment section of the Wushu Challenge post of Ms. @janicehung.

Also don't forget to make a collage per wushu pose. :-)

lastly, please make sure to follow Ms. @janicehung to qualify in the contest

Cute kids!

Hahaha cute ng mga kids! 😊😊


This is going to be fun. I like the idea


Have you joined the challenge @emjoe? try it, it's fun. :D

Bravo, i wish i know how to do this lol


Thank you. Try it too! 😉

wow ang gagaling naman ng mga kiddos nyo sir kenny hehehe ang cucute nila hehehe :-D go go go go divine kids! <3

Cuties!! Panalo na. Haha!!


Panalo na sa puso ko. 😍

Arrliinn, your kids are adorable. They are having fun involved in the Wushu challenge.


Thank you @redheadpei. Having fun while doing the challenge was the idea. 😉 if we'll win, that's a plus. 😍

winner ang mga kiddos❤


Thank you tita @theree2389

Super fun post and it’s great you got your kids involved!


Thank you @mcoinz79!

Awesome! Adorable kids you have. I hope they won! So cute. Bless you, children of God!


Thank you @the-gate-keeper

Wait ko yung entry nung daddy... Wink!!!


Mas panalo ang sa kids. 😆

Cute naman heheh. Good luck. :)

aww ang cucutie pie! good luck! ^_^

anak mo po sir @kennyroy?