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That was so hard! It took me the whole day just to achieve my balance in executing that first Wushu Stance and still didn't make it perfectly. Oh my! 😂
It will take more years to do it I think🤔 hehehe..



Even though I do workout at home still have this muscle pain.. Hahaha!

Second stance is a bit easy for me.
I tried Judo and Taekwondo before.
Thanks God I can still lift up my legs hahahaha..


Thank you @janicehung for this awesome contest of yours. Through this you can encourage steemians to get fit and living in a healthier lifestyle.. THANK YOU AND MORE POWER!

Please support our very loving and very supportive groups the @steemitfamilyph2 and @steemitachievers.

This is @cinderz always saying:
"Keep the fire 🔥 burning"


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Perfect bravo...cinderilla.


Ahahhaha grabe pud na perfect te oi @cdaveboyles23.. Wala pa sa kalingkingan ni wushuqueen

Hey @cinderz , great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)

Good job!😀 Gentle reminder. Kindly check if all in the list below has been met.

Mechanics of the WUSHU CHALLENGE:

  1. You must be my follower.
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing any of my wushu stances or forms.
  3. Pick two (2) kinds of Wushu Forms
  4. Make a collage of your wushu pose with my wushu picture.
  5. Resteem this post.
  6. Make a Post about it with your collage and put the title "WUSHU CHALLENGE" and use the following tag


Don’t forget to post the link of your post in the comment section of the Wushu Challenge post of Ms. @janicehung.


I just did @clairefabella..Thank you

Nice! I remember when I did my wushu poses, I took my own pics and the longest timer was only 10 seconds. I took the whole night retaking pics. Hahaha! Best of luck to you!


I tell you my secret.. @princesslilo
To avoid time consuming and hassle free.. Instead of taking photo, better to take video then screenshot your perfect output..

Hahaha... Nice try!!! Great job!


Hah ahahaha.. Thank you

Wow...you did a great job cin hahaha
How to be you po😂😂😂


Ahahaha... Nindot mn pud kag tingog bawi lang.. Hehehe.. Pagpost na oi kay tan awon nko


Hahaha maulaw lgi ko..nindot pa mo post ang butiki


Pag sure diha.. 😂

Wow! Superb! Good job cinderilla.


Hahaha.. Just for fun..
Why don't you try join this contest as well. 😄
Come on!

@teardrops Thank you idol for resteeming my post again.. 😘

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