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Always nice to meet a fellow David

héhé so funny:)

Great works, I wish you success

Lol. Resteemed!

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nice one :) great

time to cash out some ;)

i liked this a lot : )

Interesting post.

Funny illustration!

let them enjoyeee !

LOL , instead of money there should be bitcoins :))

hahah @davidp very funny sharing.

It seems like people have started to move over to crypto now while they are trying to manipulate things to increase the value of the US Dollar. We have already seen over 30 billion taken out of the US stock markets over the last few months and it seems like people are putting it in crypto.
Great cartoon to sum up what is going on @davidp

But mom... I am still not filthy enough...

That picture, so funny, that for sharing sir

Wonderful :) thanks for sharing