The first demo made with ZIG ????


As we were moving to get past 2010 with everything xept retro, to dump "browser", to dump "phone" and to dump "newskool thats 30 years or older" (did you know 64bit cpus were used in supercomputers in the 1970s ????)

well javascript is 1995, OO-programming is 1960s, full hd mid-resolution is the 2000s , 4K is the 2010s ....

the whole world is stuck in a world that never existed

so as we said, lets wrap up a few as we dislodge from this world they cant fix anymore and stick to 64 , steam deck and

something fresh thats not bothered by "tradition"

which we found ZIG ... which is still 2 years older than AGK/basic but its really low level, like C minus 0.24 or something


"can it do ... "

well it apparently it can do "at least this"

that settles it

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