More unemployed scum

from the demoscene

doing useless shit (lol)

We on the other hand !

have spent this quarters money for the toolshed, checked the bats, found them to actually as promised "lose no more than 3% over 6 months when stored in (around) 25°c ... more like they were 12.79 so that's actually in even pro-terms "full" (after 5 months since december we last charged them and left them untouched)

and other than trying to keep a falling apart house from doing that, the toilet seems to obey - the shower reeds ne-fixing, the garden is

quite natural atm but we're kinda pressed since by july with the draught its gonna mostly "fix itself" anyway (ofcourse in belgium there IS no draught im sure)

more like a temporary lack of rain or something, because inflation has stopped months ago, its just the prices that keep rising (and so on .. i think they watch too much america in the last years)

testing the solar panels after winter to see if no one found the need to sabotage them (for gatland reasons which are strange to the standard alien mind)

and then ...

well nothing because out of money, still about 70% convinced someone has tried to poison the cat (hes okay) and

this hole is heller than before now after 50 years they turned this dead-end street into a highway because 50 meters further where there are NO houses its impossible to lay a temporary gravelroad while

the soccerfield no one was allowed to enter for years now has something like the suez-canal wide enough for 2 trucks


we eagerly await the planet to do you right by 2030 and from there on worse

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