listen listen ....

in #janesondergrondlast year (edited)

these are original compositions

played by a symphonic orchestra, mensen met meer cultuur dan jij in je gat

oet je mulle

nah, but it feels like someones been puhing something they should have learned to leave alone by now for a




but we would have posted the vid anyway, its too precious to lose

last verse huh ?



but we're not trying to catch flies , why honey ?

or "why HOney, we're not trying to catch flies !"


outchatting GPT since paddles - see the thing is if you think rude come over we'll show you around town give you some perspective ... can go a little further if you like (bring a bombproof vest for antwerp)

we will NOT get rid of the spasms until we can heal ourselves which wont happen in a place where we cant even exist, even less so if e- or iDiots think its cool to throw water on a short circuit

*because it sparklezs...."

thats not gonna change anymore barring the lottery and the americans will kill everything now their banks are dying - - - crypto first ofcourse, and then the russians , europe and iran probably


listen and focus on the video

"its not bad for classical music"


this is why prokofiev and hubbard would have been great friends, what you get here is

guys who in the 1980s wrote sidtunes (chiptunes if you like) in whats called "a monitor" where you write nothing but hexadecimal opcodes (thats $00 to $ff) a whole row and stream of that, and so creating all the instruments used , the attack, decay, sustain and release per every little bit, then the whole song to it, and maybe some filtering too

all written in $00 to $ff with no readable words in one long stream

in three channels



where you get less if you use a filter and THAT

is the exact same tablature these people in the WHOOOLE orchestra are using to perform


is gangster

if thats not impressive then i dont know what is



the point is still one post a week but this one hit us hard

our good man Syntax Error has adapted janes birdie so the next post can be taken in chronoligical order of bloglogging + per section coagulated into one file and posted directly (which will have to happen by pressing submit since they didnt maintain condenser for some reason)

so its written during the week in small updates whenever something hits hard enough to be of intrest, then it becomes one textfile on sundaynight, then we copy-paste it


so, lets say thats not chatGPT b/c kindof a bit of a little bit of much work went into it so far and the php is slightly not meh and str_contains is l33T, even in switch case statements ... php is LL33T :p

voor je moeder

ok ?


if you check the video, please keep all that in mind

it looks like

00 FF EA 40
33 2A 56 DB

for hundreds and more of lines originally, these pukkers were SO great, they saw the music in that

and here you have it on "not a chip from the 1980s"


thats that

yass, thats part of why we strongly feel chatGPT is like the paradigm proof of your species devolving

not E-volving

but were done talking about that, youre gonna do it anyway, even if next year climate change would turn out not to be a hoax or something

have at it ..

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