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in order of appearance :

1 ) the current
2 ) the scene
3 ) the links
4 ) perhaps some crud

the current

Bubblegum Galaxy (94%)

Yes, someone had the idea like "lets for a change look up some code on forums to see how they do

looked up "doasothers" a starfield and ends up with this

read more

(playing the vid on a hrd screens seems to salvage a few pixels, lookie : this is nothing compared to bayolea or stahlbeton or the likes in 4k (or 8 ? but the EU banned 8k ? didn they ?) but if this already loses pixels on a vid then imagine what THAT would - also we would recommend speakers with a decent bass or else the big bang is a bit small (its a 1q OGG sample so theres nothing HD to it but it doesnt BOOM on laptop speakers thats all ...)

and with taht ? (2023 03 12 18:17) lets wrap this post

by now its 94% and has a JoGfield in it too - the video is definitely no longer representative of the demo in 4k on a uHDr screen if only for the inhaling galaxy bit alone where you get like "some stars" for a sec, then black, and then the little singularity ball compressing (which is all those bubbles packed into the fake - Z distance after having been re-projected on a circle io a rectangle between scenes / screens (whatever the word is today)

while actually on the screen at the devpc you see the dots in between too, a youtube 720p video on a 1080p non hdr screen doesnt do it ... not much to do about that, its not download ready anyway and

this is "just once" (not the programming) b/c it takes all the lul out of having a "this is what we did today" video or videos and bu the time its "100%" ( = release ready by deadline which in our case never happens) nobody will lul at it or gawk, awk , sed , grepcat or woaw at it, probably not even aHA !

so just for this once, about this goes into "just an introstyle" written in AGK basic, which is "basic"(haha)ally a C++ library that has you use a BASIC kind of gremmar and then compiles ... the basic to the C++ which it already is (no compiling there, just replacing) and THEN compiles the C++ to what gamecreators call "bytecode"

so essentially its C++ , written in basic - just like on a tic-80 you write basic, written in javascript (well it looks like that i havent seen classes or objects of structures in there yet, doesnt mean they're not there)

read more (these bits are kept for 30 days or something, you probably havent read last years newspaper on facebook in a while either)

next up either something tic-80 or a 10liner basic (for which there seems to be a site too)

aaand 2023 03 10

setting up raster interrupts on the tic-80 :p

ttz :

Screenshot from 2023-03-12 17-10-54.png

well this is what we call BASIC (but its lua) it also has "no delimiters because you cant see them" ... we though about it and that must be what they mean, you cant see the newlines so it doesnt have them or something, not that we care much about all that professional educated shit talking corporate garbage and meeting for the meetings on "should we remove the term master from a floppy disk, it might offend yo momma ... sorry there but bem)

tic-80 :

function BDR(scnline)
-- right : setting up raster interrupts
-- on the tic-80 ?
-- but BASIC is not coding?
 if scnline==O then
 if scnline==4 then
 if scnline>4 then
 if scnline==138 then
 if scnline>139 then


        lda #$7f
        sta $dc0d 
        sta $dd0d
        lda $dc0d
        lda $dd0d
        lda #$01
        sta $d01a
        lda startline
        sta $d012
        lda #$1b
        sta $d011
        lda #$35
        sta $01
        lda #<irq
        ;lda #<irqinnerstart
        sta $fffe
        lda #>irq
        ;lda #>irqinnerstart
        sta $ffff
        jmp retsetupirq

which is just the bit to get the irq to listen to not the keyboard or standard stuff but trigger on a scanline being reached. Ofcourse we had to get this from teh webs and were fairly sure the elite has 10k ways of doing it better in elite demos but bem

the thing for the one line looks a bit more than this



;no room for one single instructionhere like this 
;that feels like living on the edge
;and it was :
; dont use x or the peTV has black spots
        lda #$ff
        sta $d019
        ldy $b3
        sty inner
        sty outer

        ldy #$09
        bne @closeline
        ldy cblack
        sty inner
        sty outer
        dec timer1
        bne rdontmoveline
        lda $fb
        sta timer1
        inc $03
        inc counter2
        jmp switchdoirq

        lda $03
        cmp startline2
        bne rdontresetline

        lda startline
        sta $03

        lda $03
        sta $d012        

        lda #<irqrottenline
        sta $fffe
        lda #>irqrottenline
        sta $ffff




        lda #<irqinnerstart
        sta $fffe
        lda #>irqinnerstart
        sta $ffff

in our little bit ... in assembler which is really clean b/c if you see this in a monitor in hexcodes THEN you will get respect for hubbard and tel lol - this actually has variables and labels and all that already its almost like writing basic, right ?

(ahem ...)

if any bonsai or samar or other read this and think OMFG LAMER :)

you once lived the 80s too ...

please send us the better routine then mail to syntaxerror@janesondergrond, its been MONTHS but think this is the one that handles the rotten line (which the normal people call dirty lines but both dirty lines (per 8 lines) arent quite the same in timing - - -

not to say this is better than that

just to say this is this and that is that .... dozo

are you ever finished ? NO , we told you she didnt want it for the dick alone, she liked the endless talk and wit ... (she certainly didnt do it for the money)

who ?

yo momma ? no your sister, man ...

thats just the one scanline there as you setup the irq to trigger on another somewhere at the end and execute whatever code you can manage or is appropriate within the timeframe during that one, then afterwards it triggers another IRQ when the other line is handled by the hardware

this is not a tutorial, if you wanna do this you will HAVE TO read about it - ... best read about it first before asking so you at least can show you read about it first - - - ... just some friendly advice so you dont get hurt lol, not everyone is patient like the dark angels of death inhere


we was thinking

well ofcourse wanna try at least one thing ... so if we build a vConsole in AGK that uses onebyte opcodes which substitute commands using registers and put a limit of 256 bytes to it
its fresh at least - tho lots of stuff and it has a map of the piano of sorts which is all gud, not sure if it has alpha blending by default to fade in and out stuff BUT as far as we can see - the number of calculations you can do between scanlines depends on the cpu of the machine you run it on ???? its not like a VICE emulator that gives you the exact clock of the old machine (or in this case a set clock????)

not sure tho - but will find out - its like typing this on an ancient 4gb acer laptop we got from someone who needed a new one so we helped pick one (not everyone is an "IT EXPERT"! in drukkerland) and got this one cuz they dont know what to do with it. It ran shyte on DOS10, like 40 minutes to boot + 15 to get a browser open but using WattOS12 its as good as new.

so this should be minimal to run TIC80 on

the thing there is we havent seen voxatron as a platform yet ???? but we did pico80 so

what gives ????

pico80 is paid for too ... o here we are, typing steemit again instead of #dostuff

so where you get a scanline on a 64 you need to poke both do20 and do21 too , for now we'll assume there is a d021 equivalent and wait with the drawline ... (cuz drawline is not how its done hehehehehehehhaHAHAHAHAHAH AMHWMAHAHAA 8!!! did you fix the world yet ? then how should we fix our head while stuck in a hole ????)


looking at VRAM bank 0 it looks like theres no D021 but pixels for the inner screen only ... the nature of the beast ....

yea voxatron, from the same guys as pico 8 i think .. its got

voxels ...

but paid for ... havent seen much from it


--rite , its dawning at 4:30 ... this is certainly depressing

so far so good , so it certainly feels like programming in basic (which from us is not an insult since basic is totally turing and von neumann approved and if you can put on the screen what you wanna see there, ITS GUD PRACTICE (spoken like someone who never went to school HAAA HAA)

the purists ? well, WE feel it feels like "programming in basic using javasciript or lua gremmar ... thats about it)

if it can handle 16 palette swaps in once function call on a 10+yo acer with 4gb of ram the processing power is probably safe at low end (as long as its not a cartridge running in a browser, we seen that lag below its 60fps already at least once)

the outer border has scanlines, the inner screen has pixels and no character slots, so you can print A and a on top of eachother instead of poke 1024,euhhhh 64 ? 32 ???? sorry guys lol dont know all of that by heart since we are machine-less (well as so to speak not fixed to one) and syntax is a waste of brainspace as long as you're buddies with turing and von neumann and got the 1e100 at yourd disposal (spoken like someone who never went to school HAMAHMAHAMHAAAA) --- the calculations per frame ...

250 pixels wide ? 130 pixels deep ?

4bits per pixel - max 1 palette per scanline (i suppose), you dont even have 300+ scanlines here and no colour bleeding to get extra colours between rasters

BASIC allright :D
(dont get an ulcer now ...)

fair enough omoshiroi - whatever comes of it pls keep in mind we kick this for lulz only

nothing to prove and since they stuck us here, took the future and blocked all exist

less and less to lose and mostly noting to do but hold back the zombies and pavlov gnome from eating our last braincell

the only thing: the editor

at 60 or something

126 sorry (wo that goes fast eh in BASIC)

lines the editor is already

you know that feeling when yuo think "ah this is why no one makes c64 demos on a c64 anymore" ?


so hopefully it works with geany and can copypaste -- - to think people like Hubbard, Tel, gliesh et al made sid tunes writing hexadecimal opcodes in a monitor .... they must have had unabomber-sid IQ or something


hmmm the tryout here on the tic is 120 lines, bubblegum galaxy is about 1200 of AGK and will very likely not pass 1500 if finished and all

but this is just TOO small to work in ..

being used to a 4K screen and having like a ski-piste and a half to type on these days ...

nah thats what its good for, most games wont handle 4k and most movies simply arent

but for programming its pretty awesome

all that space

add 12 desktops on a flick on cinnamon

thats gangster!



maybe should do some stuff instead of typing tomorrows posts


hmm 30 minutes later

can see why this thing is so popular, import test.png autoconvert, COMPOSITE SPRITES ???

right, moving to the right the sprite leaves pixel-line traces - ... wether thats a bug or something missed well see - nice toy in any case - ... even more lightweight afternoon tea than AGK !

i guess dat is niet weirken zeker ? shoulda let the kid do then it would be ... GATNEUKERS

GAT (owh ...almost got set off there again sorry)

to top things off in a basic way :D ... that bit uses the set palette while the scanlines swap palettes 16 times beneath it ?

this is too much for 1st1


is that basic heheh

LOL ... okay lol yes - well the game is playing itself, almost 60k credits while googling this, it looks like the inside will be the equivalent of drawline tho havent seen poke "innerscreen" yet

if you flowchart it it probably looks the same as a 64, barring the irq setup part and the part where you switch where it triggers one then

but in reality this is a bit more ... "basic" ? heh

okay dont put code-hooligan picket fences at the house, just trying to have some anti pavlov gnome night time here ... and after all - why not ? it actually leads to the same trickery youd get on a 64 but programmed in basic, which in this case is named lua ... (i bet that deserves burning at the stake too according to the pros , like that guy one time LUA HAS CONTAINERS NOT ARRAYS, burning the guy with flaming fire so he never dared ask a question again instead of answering , tsk ... professionals huh ...)


well, if you're into coding more than into "being part of it" (and we mean that like an autist would say it, with no additives which you hear by reflecting yourself on what we just said and explaining that already made us tired and lose all will to speak)
theres more, theres even one that aims at the dreamcast generation at first sight but means its very possible a lot of these projects havent been checked by the dev for quite some time (something that doesnt happen on github since thats owned by github i suppose?)

read more


hmm finally got the 50-50 own / fan for the loaders for the site ratio

2023 03 12

the tic-editor works with copy paste btw .... :) joy to the world !

last night we found out about something called ZIG

and they got #stuff

you see, do some timing : turing was ? 1940s right, they offed him for being gay so he could never grow to his full potential, Johnny the playboy around the same times ... todays machines are still all them, todays languages are still all them ... javascript is 1995, thats like "some years after commodore basic" in effect .. but its only accepted as browser-standard (and then split up into one version per crotter tentacle) for like ... mmm ten years ? AND actually the demoscene calls it "newskool" since ... not THAT long ago really

but this is 2015-babyfresh, and we thoroughly like the guy

"this is a datastructure and im sure it has a computersciencey name ... "i dont know what its called" give pythonists a stroke but you can be sure that hes not talking out of his ass as a total lamer selling hot air on block one night

SO - ... as the one language for the future, born AFTER bill gates and 3DFX cards so nothing from before got stuck in it (like they have with DOS11 codebase btw, gates is still inthere and maybe not always for the right reasons), we pushed it on the stack and if we get anywhere far enough with it it might pull a lot of things out of the stack and replace it. and why not ? machines are new, why not the language, it said somethere it didnt even have a for loop for a long time (only while) b/c the bossman didnt see the point (and often ... relly tru dat) thats fresh :p

Having wild dreams about the rebirth of the cartridge, now steam deck might become something. You put your game on and usb or sd cart , slot it in your local steam deck (which still has the same chips as it had from the start) and boot it , no operating system, just like that c64 demo turns off the kernal (hw embedded OS) you bypass the operating system and your program writes directly to the machine. With the birth of the steam deck and its business model being what it is, THATS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE AGAIN (but you dont have to if you dont wanna, you can just boot it into steamOS or whatever you installed on it, and write a 100 liner in AGK and press F5)

"current" :) "this week" ...

while the maid was doing the dishes and alfred shining the catmobile ofcourse

the "current section" might grow a bit smaller since we are under no obligation to explain every line of code we do for nothing in the deep of night but first of all we see how we can adapt janes birdie (the update logger for the website) to add a section to keep this post and post-ready by mondays in one go with all timestamps included and all sections where they should be without redacting (= re moving , as in RE moving, not removing words or bits)


not enough pictures of puppies hm ?

yea reading ... thats why we write it (not really we just write it b/c we write it - .. we can see by the 200 followers it didnt stop the americans from killing crypto and enabling us to actually DO SOMETHING

THE scene

well you can check the links at the bottom for people and sites who are like 24/7 on it ... we occasionally game and sometimes do the dishes so theres a plate to eat from or flush the toilet and stuff - ... and also want to continue digging out electronics , eyes on the future which we still dont trust to end well. and also b/c the kid always wanted to ... it would have been pretty neat combined with computers ...

2023 03 11
Cant say its "biased towards" (you really cant say that for us) but its "rooted in" and the first computer we had (real one b/c we dont count that atari console before) and ALSO the only one that has a programming language when you "just turn it on"
which lead to the famous first program linus torvalds wrote soon enough once the kid found out what that thing was. It seems to be like matter from quantum foam. Put a computer-enabled kid next to a machine and hellogoto10 comes out
Very likely more computers that era followed the same system and doctrine , perhaps the spectrum or something, amstrad ? boots up with basic enabled ? no idea, never had one, didnt get to the emulators yet ... Havent even gotten to Hatari yet and we want that one hm .... (as said many times before : amiga ? if you need us to see send us one, if you are a zealot preacher its the least you can do to spread the gospel. We'll check it out and form an opinion on why its so much better other than "a ps4 does more polygons than a ps3" and "to play press play on sample in asm and dont even bother b/c the machine will multitask that for you)

We like all demoez and machines ofcourse but sometimes amiga-people seem to be a bit .... no comment about it, no idea why ...

so so, we know for a fact paddle-ataris, ataria jaguars,atari ST and STe didnt boot up into a basic enabled programming language OS , not sure about amiga but DONT THINK SO ? a friend of ours when we was mine had one but mostly we sat there gawking at the mega-graphix and the supersound heheh ... and blood money ofcourse ... PSYCHOSIS PRESENTS (check our youtube channel huh? we have that b/c theres literally no alternative to it, so please, ELON, JEFF ... :) since you dont know what to do with the billions, how about create some competition to spur innovation ? nothing beats a competitive psychpath ... like another one doing the same ...)

DES so to those who state "PC" .. pc's come preinstalled, you buy like at least a lvl 1 or 2 machine there, thats not hardware, if you turn on a blank PC it will sit at the bios boot screen and thats it (so far the semantics) if you say DOS, even DOS10 has a programming language, and DOS10 has one b/c they pited linux and call it powershell ? ... hmmm "no comment" and linux has bash/shell which is probably Turing approved and VERY powerful in combo with grepcat, sed & awk ... but a bare pc has null ...

DES ... we should do #stuff b/c its late and later and we were early so we were late and by now by the time we do one stuff its time for first cycle again. Have to face the zombie hordes, dont wanna but bem ...

Ofcourse we start with the old machine that never died. For one thing next posts should be a bit less erratic (assuming roadrunner Joe didnt kill all of crypto by next week to find out that actually didnt save the dollar, that just ruined a lot of lives but hey, whats new !)

Its march and there is fresh foss64

so its impossible not to start with the one channel64 to rule them all ...

something you really need to check for yourself and see for yourself just how alive the old machine that never died is after 40 years (aaah dont say it dont say it, SORRYGOTTASAYIT (amiga cant claim that , right? )ssshhhh dont say that you'll bring out the fanatics)

Not just the games but the neverending flow of artwork and if you think meh, then please, ditch ms paint and try one in koala or petmate and see how you get b/c its not really the same as pixelling freely in the modern age - it is its own FORM - not to mention the countless sids

Pigs Quest SELLING 1500 COPIES in one week

i bet some on steam indies can even still dream of that today ...

so thats how dead it is ... always good to hear coming from all the way back when dallas quest was a game people would play.

our favourites ?
the kids favourites ?

multiplayer impossible to name but the epyx series sports games and ofcourse way of the exploding fist, international karate and run the gauntlet as well as archon (2 probably) ... but so many others, barbarian, pole position ... et et et

single player ... well you have classics from the arcade where wonderboy 1 would have to come first with kungfu master (thomas) and yie ar kung fu close (never been a real pacman man) but maybe

space taxi ? (not sure if thats exclusive to the platform tho)

and ofCOURSE : defender of the crown,

not sure if anyone remembers knight games or this horror adventure named ... euh .... euh ... gods dam' .... euhm .... well you had asylum for one thing but thats not horror - you had zack mckracken but that was like totally bonkers and ... AAAH for the love of life, maybe the name comes back some time- cant remember how many shoeboxes held how many floppies back then ... they just came from all sides in the 80s

and yea : wizardry heart of the maelstrom ...


and ofcourse : llamatron !

ehj , is this ... under 64kb still or it wont fit in a steemit post

yesyes posts should get gradually less entropic (is that a word) as janes birdie takes over for the composition and timestamping - assuming we get anything done but typing steemposts and dishes before next next week

airwolfs undying efforts

How to mass-mail your whole scene, friends and around without spamming

a game produced by Bacchus ???

(of fairl33t - home of the real crackers but dont tell that to the americans ... they'll probably sue you for crack-ism)
slightly politically tinted but flt has made at least one statement before we can remember probably more.

read more these bits only hang around for 30 days , you dont ever read last years facebook posts anyway but you can frame them in a gold frame above your bed if you like them ofcourse, that'l be €4999.99 then

fairl33t still kicking it on all sides and scenes

free advertising :p ofcourse this only works in a scene thats connected, has actual ppl living on the outside world surface and talks to each other heh heh (also pays attention)

vision has release a few musics but

actually the logo like stands out to us, its like, "nothing special" but kinda special ... a bit like sidewalk chalk art waiting to be dithered, dunno .. (we like logoez!)

Hokuto Force keeps pumping out sids like theres no tomorrow -


Genesis project has a real cool tiretrack effect cracktro for the game ... but its too myc and if you really into it, we suggest checking the appropriate sites and channels listed below (ofcourse feel free to visit ours as well - tho you dont get cookies there , not even a cup of tea, just #stuff)

think we already had

which for once we totally endorse, they're as fresh as politics get and you wont hear THAT a lot from this one (ofcourse we cant speak for individuals until theyve proben themselves ... only for past glories but as vance once said or was it zelazny ? "nothing is cheaper than past glories")

so : GANBAREE , Partit Pirat, show 'em what you got, dig up some more of dem buried doxx that prove the counter of what the industry said which they spent millions on and then turned out to speak inconvenient realfact or something, do that thing you do :)

which brings us to the question, if, in 7 days we find more worth mentioning64 than on all of the rest of the scene combined ? DID WE MISS SOMETHING ?

2023 03 09

Cant say much REALLY stood out but its ofcourse possible the anti-climax that inevitably comes with a watching a whole lineup of meteoriks from a whole year has something to do with that. We saw plenty of gud stuff from before tho looking for loaders to fill to a 50/50 quotum on the website (50 fan / 50 own - as in we fan not our fan (if we have groupies, plz send your panties or money to the great leader - he eagerly awaits and will bless you with the words of wisdom to grant you eternal peace in the afterlife (for only €99.99)

Hm, the only thing at assembly was the invitation for instanssi which we already linked last time me thinks and

then there there was

Instance of the Moral Dead at Village of Grain aka Da Kool Demo by Jumalauta

Jumalauta aint newbies btw and from the looks of it pretty active too

and it sounds really finnish so i assume they're really finnish (we dont know every demo and group by heart yet mea culpa and probably wont either b/C by now after 40 years theres sooooo many)

check the full load here :

real time phong shading is maybe something nvidia wants to claim but looking at icarus bleeding a torch in a sphere through the walls it doesnt look like raytracing (ofcourse is phong shading raytracing ? ... i bet that depends on wether its raytraced or not)

in essence in a peanutshell raytracing would involve the bouncing of every foton that hits the end picture ... which is mathematically speaking an expensive process (thats why you need 20000 dollar pcs to run blender 3 to boot up and display a cube these days)

we are not pros, but were fairly sure we would have to google this to do this eheh, its not standard active knowledge here

tho they do it on a c64 just as well ... phong gouraud and all those people who got to put their names on one type of it ... have at it

and the planetgod was pretty cool done too

but no youtube video (it seems to be a thing lately to not include it)

so we DO want at least a video and a live or download per entry for demozoo even if nothing gets released , but we are old, not just skoolwise

the impedance of youth (tus ? ...thing ????)

good stuff but not really anything you would show to the outside world and hope they goo oooaaah woaw without knowing the slightest bit of anything about it, like , even less than rank amateurs like ourselves who just happen to be 40 years into it and wrote hello world as the kid b/c the book and the computer was there

totally un-pro


look at the time

next game session we're gonna try and game some, by the time this posts maybe another demo sticks around and catches attention, ofcourse, check the channels for more, theres certainly more eyecandy worth watching (and probably a lot of halfway crud too but the important part is someone put a piece of them into it, not someone asked chatGPT to write something they can boast with)

isnt it ?

2023 03 11
Actually as we were filling up the loaders to a 50/50 fanstuff / own stuff ratio (not "our" fans ofcourse, stuff we like !)

we came across some really cool Falcon demos ... not being a zealot but having had 3 atari, sorry
FOUR atari machines ofcourse, only the rich kids next door had amigas after all hahah

heres just one (not from this year) but all-round its a great demo , even independent of platform

well this is not a coding seminar on how to do a JoGfield nor a history class on the history of the machine but the falcon and subsequent Jaguar, trying to compete with sony and nintendo without thinking it thru (?? thats the qustion : what happened there) Atari was already somewhat dying but at any rate :

just like one could say without Woz there would likely be no : without Atari there would be no Jobs ...

read more

and also check this out

Demos that should have ranked higher (at parties) and if you have an account (we actually dont, what gives?) on pouet please add your (sincere) opinion

we is always hungry if not ravenous for fresh demo-foss even if its from the 1980s and we havent seen it yet ... how else could tarantino have written kill bill ?
next posts should be less messy since we had a visitation that said "thou hast janes birdie : ADD A SECTION TO KEEP POSTS FOR POSTING DURING WEEK" and so it shall be

The Party

(not the pirate)

... holding that breath a little for revision ... here's hoping they at least uphold the level and standard SOMEWHAT instead of taking sponsor money from satellius to let crotter talk and make demos demos and lanparties a side-effect or else stop calling it a demoparty

especially after talking THAT BIG in the invitation

GANBARRE ! we are all counting on YOU to set the standard for this and next year then since YOU ARE revision !

read more "this link will expire in two weeks (30days?) after writing since the new write/combine/post its in prototype - assuredly no chatGPT was harmed in the making and if it autoposts and you call this bad we'll shouet you in the a

The links, the creds the stuff AND ... stuff

We-re gonna keep this in an .inc file b/c its recurring and a drag to re-type everytime

theres no liking order and we also dont put anyone here because we want an honourable mention if the link is here its b/c its representative and a good place to start if you wanna scene

or pute

or gram

or code


or just curious

on all things scene, check out

RGN retro gamer nation (youtube)

@Airwolf_C64 (youtube)


Fairlight TV

psenough (youtube)

Pouet web

demozoo web

well our first machine was (actually an atari with paddles, cartridges, 1cm² pixels and a game called yars revenge among 10-15 others but that one always stuck around) a c64 so theres no order of liking to it

obviously one would do this in a scroller but thats not possible here

no sponsored links since we dont do sponsored links (unless we already agreed with their stuff and they insist on paying later , otherwise fat chance)

JoG more or less maintained sites : (ofcourse) (or ... on the long shelf since we #dostuff and the game will likely never be finished and at this point in spacetime it seems really unlikely well get a budget for it to hire some people and start something we're pretty sure we would have been good at (or )

the demozoo page isnt fully loaded , which means the entries arent complete since not all of them have both a video AND a download or weblive version - and wed like it to be


you can see potential examples in the loaders, ofcourse it doesnt have to be debris, bayolea or the box - or all hallows eve or uncle petscis droids of star wars

theres a page with potential categories but in case of doubt go "wild" and just make sure its realtime executable and once more

no obligations we do the site anyway and we have the spare steem and we dont promote and theres no prestige so its unlikely anyway and it wont keep us awake but its there. (atm only in original theme b/c it needs some kind of structure that can generate pages for all themes fast from the folder structure (tho we prefer the "maintenance" way, not the everything-on-the-fly-on-demand way which is very resource hogging and since its small a daily update is a lot better. theres actually a registration system but its inactive. Its explain on the "register" button ...

  1. ask

galmeetsdemo (2x a year 50 steem) july , january (or more like before august, before january)

logorrhea (4x a year 10 steem)

freestyle (whatever / 1 steem)

  1. ask

  2. you dont have to

Got money ?

our first thing has always been independence so sponsor dont fit inthere , but crypto did, so since that could be independence crotter-global,america, china and others who NEED control fukt that for everyone

We live in belgium so everything is "providing a service" and you need a business license for that so donations only.

We dont have patreon since they censored us (what do you call removing comments without giving a reason and not even notifying?)

we dont have anything else either, kickstarter would be taxorism so

if y'all have any of dem spare billions, you can always send it in steem or any crypto - we'll gladly provide a wallet and file it on the tax return next year and have about 40% of it left in fiat

if you dont then dont, if it comes with strings attached and its not b/c you wanna see us do what we actually can, requires a banner or ads on site

then keep it


yea i know

"thats not how its done"

if we did it how its done , would we be here ?

no , we would be in our fifth divorce paying the third mortgage for the fourth wife and alimoney kids


... nevermind


hmm precious, do you think this is enough PoB to warrant 5cents ?


an old one where its still spelt -ground ... i guess its nice to have a crew with 50-70 people listed on demozoo and someone who's always drawing and someone who's always pumping sids

but thats a bit hard for us since we are stuck in just one body ... and not about to socialize sorry, they did too much damage for that, when exposed to humans the ones living below the basement quickly start scratching at the gate -

thats just how it is now

you can complain to the ones who did it

and the one who stuck us back here when we were about to reboot (AGAIN) and get out of here for good

det is det

next post less kaos (tho you cant spell jane without kaos ... and YOU CANT HAVE JANE without the ondergrond)

JoG 2023, not just a doompatrol metafor

(also not doing yo momma in five minutes on youtube)

heres hoping we can get janesbirdie to do everything we wasted time on today for a 5cent steemit post for us by next week

not that we dont wanna, we could probably add another 128kb of text here without trying but you know

so we'll be waiting for that $10k pc to start streaming on youtube and the 100k to hire someone REALLY goodlooking (with a push-up bra ? ... sure !) to do the talking

ofcourse, we hire "women only" thats how woke we are

right ...

"Candytron" by Farbrausch (probably not available in pakiganistan, florida and texas ...)

aka : "i couldnt help but notice how you wear your polygons the way an empress wears her crown, the air around you shimmers with the air you have around you, would you like to go somewhere - id like to see some more up there , its FOR MY ART ..."

(ofcourse not ) we very much doubt they scanned a stripper with a photogramettrical lidar in a quarter mille raybouncing room and a mocap suit either ...

this is "conviction" ? be obsessed or be average

so why dont we have the money yet ?

... it only works in america does it

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