in #janesondergrondlast year (edited)

now we are alone

we wont be posting on steemit anymore but keep the voters running as long as condenser allows that

you wont find us on facebook or totter either

the site and the demozoo page to prevent total brainrot as for the rest email can via site or @ site address if anyone really needs to say something

no cat = no need for human contact

happy apocalypse

we dont have plans and if we have not plans we wont speak those either

thats it

maybe just : we certainly dont want extra trouble and shyte but bakkes and alsook grote jongen would we like to advise to handle with care b/c theres literally NOTHING left to stop us from having an honest response

but we understand you're not the brightest, ... we just have to make this clear thats all you wont find us anywhere in gat b/c we hate it here as much as we did when we was 15 and one

the domain name might change again if we coagulate back to one the catham Joker


fuck your fucking shit

dont come poking and if you lose a finger if you do dont act surprised as if you werent warned


the fence is locked, only open for deliveries and whoever has the mail and phone can call

so dont bother


I honestly have nothing to add to that. Moved?

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