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Janes Birdie V2/steemit coagulator :: 04/12/2023

  1. 04/12/2023 :
    02:41:55: : check out the load of compos tho :


    and No AI-generated content is allowed unless the compo specifically allows it, aside from being used as inspiration.

    CHEERS !
    02:41:06: : talent magnet ... i thought wiklund is a name i remember from before 2008 but bem - we dont do time very well being unstuck in it and all that

    FLT-quality again, even for "just an invitation" tho this must be the first time i personally see a QR code to scan in a c64 demo (for me at least)

    right - lets see what else the house has and maybe write a few lines of code for the tictro gone demo so maybe its finished by september (not that we plan releasing it anywhere but on demozoo .. unless pouet opens up which maybe they shouldnt, or someone sends us some login credentials because we actually .... well it felt like a job application lol, just like CSDB tho they were more like ruda about it stating "we dont see why you would need an account here"


    and indeed

    we dont :)

    02:30:57: : yea, we said "its best to check the partyzone yourself" since there's no set date to posts here anymore other than "coagulated bloglogsize has reached critical 50+kb mass (as you can see below thats quite some text and videos)

    but its not every day FLT opens up a can of FLT to promote one afawk

gotta be frank : the machine didnt last ten years and we got an atari ST after that (slim pickens in gatland) so we basically only saw some scene from afar back when we was i and the kid was hacking demos and games with KCS power cartridge switching rastercolrors,; sprites and scrolltexts and altering bounce-hashes and what not in that good old kcs monitor on a huge tube the size of current 50 inch plasma (its lcd now cuz plasma is eveil and we hurdd 8k is forbidden in euroep CUZ energy ! (but the streetlights are still on for the corn and maize during the weekends)

So this is one we havent heard of , but it does look interesting and if

"the guys who quit competing b/c they just didnt stop winning"

to move back to the one scene to rule them all

promote it ... and yea

so no we never had an amiga and still dont get why it needs its own section (but we think the revision guy had one and never had a 64 Hhehe , as humans go that would make sense) and apparently Edison agrees :

oldskool is "anything up to amiga/atari st" :p


looking at the signed up guests one might almost think its a party in "the home of the real crackers" but if you say that in '23 americans shoot you for not being woke cuz they dont understand you can smoke a fag in the garden here

... des, check it out and

lets hope it gives some

.. new fairlight maybe ?????

one of those "well we keep winning but we made one anyway" demos


  • 04/07/2023 :
    13:54:20: : since we are in a no world no humans period , forced by excessive invasion and rape of privacy we recommend checking pouet.net and demozoo in the parties section for all things parties
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