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Janes Birdie V2/steemit coagulator :: 05/02/2023

  1. 05/02/2023 :
    05:34:44: : i bet
    05:34:36: : raymond reddington ofcourse, we were just on the phone yesterday, he said "business has never been this good"

    cmdr Gato
    05:34:08: : they kinda did, if you take Crotter, the EUSA , sino-Russia and the alliance of rich nations

    thats as good as the cabal

    who's the boss of nestle and mars anyway ?

    05:33:16: : i dont write real code


    Triad ?

    COD - boring too !

    ... that would be a very distant universe and i think its more likely we would unanimously (yet in this case politely) decline b/c humans are humans

    an allergic reaction at this point is inevitable over time in one way or another


    on a fairnote : intel will be adding a 15th gen in early '24, so they should be available to gatplebs by 2026 Q4 ... SO if we were to actually upgrade the cpu id suggest waiting for that

    this one should hold out plenty and the coding happens all on that Xeon which can carry a steam deck fairly too

    the rest is 64 since amiga wont be happenign at this money rate but more so since if theres an issue DAFUK you get components, even if you got "a guy to fix it"

    a bit more and im joining the conspirationists and start wearing a t-shirt "the cabal did this"
    Syntax Error
    05:29:22: : in a distant universe where humans are compatible lifeforms other than the harem

if they asked

triad or fairlight ?

  • 04/30/2023 :
    12:28:11: : lol

  • a nice view of "somewhat above average IQ" when left un-observed

    "those are mocktails, officer, THERE ARE NO DRUGS ON THE SCENE"

    these people cant afford to mess up their brains
    Syntax Error

  • 04/29/2023 :
    02:15:07: : pitemachine slipped one in again - its master probably ordered it to stalk (as the americans say cold call) everyone on the planet until they succumb
    cmdr Gato
    02:14:20: : would prefer all programming to fit on an original to prevent amiga-syndrome where 5-10 machinas are all "amiga"
    02:13:52: : vice ?
    02:13:42: : the box is as bread as it comes ... didnt check if it has a build year on it, it looks very 1983 ... so no dual sids :)
    Syntax Error
    02:13:04: : slightly tempted to have you load the .d64 and check how that all goes into 4096b

  • MrMalice
    01:59:31: : i assume nothing until i tried , i might consider pondering the idea that its gonna be more complicated than "plug goes into hole" like the solar panels

    but theres an arduino here, an eeprom programmer and a loose 6502 chip



    first cat needs to be better b/c like this the best focus available is "do dishes and watch the rice doesnt overcook" focus
    Syntax Error
    01:57:53: : you assume you can assemble it :)

    01:57:33: : thats one thing to do with the 6502 board

    Syntax Error

  • 04/26/2023 :
    10:50:05: : must be really handy to be mundane, with the short term memory and all that in a body where not every day is yesterday

    and that prozac brain that shrugs it off - ... i think theres a trick to it in the cabal : hit them HARD, HARD, HARDER , HARDER, repeat and THEN wait - let it simmer

    and hit them once less hard and then they get like "reset" to the current state and forget that a year ago a beer didnt cost 10 euros

    Syntax Error
    10:48:20: : remember when they said "pre-pandemic" ? thats like "4years" so maybe they call it something else by now

    10:47:49: : well today katsjoe anyway ... the long awaited 150 euros ...

    thats like

    30 euros for 1 meter KATSJOE

    also noticed the little candles up by 1 or 2 euros every time we order

    thats definitely standard inflation back to "pre-war" levels

    cmdr Gato
    10:46:53: : i didnt really get any neo-Jenkinsons or Tobins but they might be inthere
    10:46:23: : not looking for paintover, desktop background photos or music atm . . .


  • 04/25/2023 :
    05:23:45: : one of them, they certainly dont stick to one-style
    05:23:27: : ninjadev sure is the new fairlight

  • ZeroDesign
    05:23:19: : ninjadev sure is the new fairlight


  • 04/24/2023 :
    13:03:31: : would you look at that

  • there's life in belgium somewhere
    03:10:17: : the potential viewers ... DOS has almost no global share on computing but on desktop pcs its still in the 90%s

    so no one has a supercomputer at home xept musk and satellius and B-jeff ("shall we play a game")

    and most demos wont do much on embedded systems

    so DOS

    we find ourselves on DOS when 64 too, since the toolkit is too much hassle to pre-fix and recompile for linux and the devs dont bother b/c no one pays them and we dont have money to fork a linux sponsored bit

    a maze is one possible screen for the tic demo actually

    thats "classic"

    02:53:17: : the toolbase but probably just "the tradition"

    02:53:01: : what i think is the strangest phenomenon is how they all do DOS and not linux , i mean for whats supposed to be ultracoders

    how could you DOS
    Syntax Error
    02:51:24: : AI keeps popping in the sidebar

    looks like germany is still running with scandinavia for top viking of the scene

  • 04/23/2023 :
    18:22:32: : the vikings are sure to understand ragnarok tho scandinavia has a bit less of the poverties yet

    and they're actually trying to ward it off faster too despite that

    the planet says no

    that part is here and the rest is coming

    too late now


    luckily we can escape into first cycle

    YAY !

    the infection is definitely back

    it must have been gone for

    a day and a half ?

    18:21:11: : no lack of parties at least

  • ZeroDesign
    18:18:03: : beats watching telly
    Syntax Error
    18:17:42: : funny

    cmdr Gato
    18:17:34: : im still 99.5% on zig now that i seen it has death star potential

    THAT runs on linux, the only problem is learning EVERYTHING from scratch including an engine to run a program on

    how hard can it be ?

    20 - 30 years ?

    Syntax Error
    18:16:43: : once a crotter android running pitemachine 7 is the president of the northwestern divided states it will probably be an act of terrorism not to run windows
    18:15:29: : thats actually simple selection : does it run on linux (i mean does it compile for linux AND run on linux)

    Tooll2 is an free open source solution for creating interactive 3d content and animations. It combines the best aspects of animation, compositing, ...
    Missing: run ‎linux

    cuz that would save the time of trying and we can scrap it from the list
    Syntax Error
    18:13:01: : tooll already at v3

    17:22:16: : sadly that doesnt even feel like sarcasm anymore :)

    17:21:59: : but ZIG is the death star now, its proven to be fully operational

    so if it holds maybe we get one or two hours a day between cycles of body restoration, fits of insanity and "the house" where we can cram 3 or 4 lines of code in

    should only take till 2030 for the tic demo then we can move on

    Syntax Error
    17:20:51: : well "you have acquired (hopefully) workgin toilet + level 2 plumbing toilet + level 1 general plumbing + lvl 200 cleaning + 10 points , maxed out common sense and .. still no money for an amiga"

    actually after looking at all that and 5 or 6 machines being "amiga" with total different chipsets and the AGA costing 5000 FIVE FUCKING THOUSAND EUROS i kinda dont lie waiting for one anymore

    cmdr Gato
    17:19:06: : lol

    webgl certainly has its charms - i guess it all comes down to the one holding the wand

    and how to use it


    thats why im like "FLT didnt really try" even if it probably leads to persecution by the spanish inquisition this year


    preposterous from someone who cant do a 1gb demo on an rtx 4090 probbaly

    its nice to see non plastified brains work out a little

    especially the pun-pic at the end

    oldskool VIC-pron gained some weight

    13:06:57: : the file is 12mb in size, which includes one 1080p exe and one other exe both at 2.9mb, a screenshot 0,5mb and a 5.5 mb mp3 file, no softsynths

    so the whole visual demo takes up 3mb


    the future
    Syntax Error
    12:59:42: : het stuk des verzets


    ... this should settle it , "is Zig already capable of ..."

    apparently "at least this"
    Syntax Error
    12:54:16: : naw, €2.5 a month for one-shot all or nothing since we concluded the lottery is probably

    "for the mayors cousin only"

    12:53:48: : that sure explains a lot since here then

    cat went outside for about 2 minutes and i dont think its b/c the newly opened highway

    i intend to agree

    the infection was better yesterday its back with a vengeance

    id say horizontal and if we get the toilet fixed/swapped by tonight its a less bad day in hell

    unless someone bought a lottery ticket
    cmdr Gato
    12:52:17: : and 60% of whats left is guys if you mean befbor on the side
    12:51:55: : lots of stuff like for instance most dont care about being seen outside the scene itself, promote about as much as we would any game or program and on top of that plasticbrains dont understand this is not a rendered music video but a realtime application and if they do most wouldnt appreciate

    but i think your number is a bit on the high side there

    assuming you mean humans only
    12:50:30: : 4 youble likes


    does that mean we would be mentally compatible with about 0.0004% of the population ?

    03:20:11: : soviet helgium the land of no portunity

    well who cares about sales anymore we're not getting out of here anyway and at least a 64game wont get crotter anything or whoever kept us stuck here

    03:19:32: : no sales ...

    no matter what b/c that would be taxorism, the only way is "donate crypto without strings"

    cmdr Gato
    03:18:51: : yass, already had hillsfar to check the first but after seeing murkasada i definitely wanna go with mono-character style for the first game

    and like only sprites for frills, with not too much tek-tek, all cRPG

    then ofcourse theres as always defender of the crown and knight games but i dont remember iron lord so maybe that was after the machine broke but for the first game hillsfar/murkasada focused on world/story with "not too shabby for a mono characterset for rank amateurs" i think would be a nice start to try

    03:01:19: : sounds good, we dont have to worry about money to spend for this month anyway




    cmdr Gato
    03:00:10: : lets

    id like to unwrap it too just for a medical checkup :p

    02:38:57: : one of the reasons why we completely dont mingle

    a nice collection all over again this year anyway but i wonder if this is "the olympics"

    then 2024 meteoriks is gonna look less good

    cmdr Gato
    02:38:02: : tsch

    amazing lack of human right

    you see this its like one of the vimeo of the year contenders

    it gets 14 likes

    the guy with the groomed out of bed beard talking "about" something someone else did and wrecking it while hauling 2500euro gpus at the wall gets a million followers


  • 04/22/2023 :
    13:16:50: : point ... look at eye of the beholder, taking 16 years with ppl who dont have any office or profit, pay or expectancy of anything at all but "the doing it"

    and they did it lol

    wouldnt work well stacked together daily round a watercooler spouting corporate garbage

    cmdr Gato
    13:15:43: : its the intellectual anarchy
    13:08:04: : maybe they have or

    maybe just like a lot today

    "outside nine to five is too much hassle i just wanna go home"


    13:07:32: : and again the question rises

  • why dont these folks form Indiegame studios (i wonder what happened to the blizzard splintercell)

    i mean they'd kill like crotter stone dead from micro to ubisoft probably

    13:01:06: : hm well

    cmdr Gato
    13:00:57: : tsch

    since its all 40+50+ something , its the year of turning 50 for the commodoids apparently ... its must be really strange to the outside

    50+ with an iq of somewhere over 90 killing their braincells for demos

    12:58:01: : well at least no one ever had to worry about a date-rape with this one :)

    5 beers : not one single thought for sex left

    ... its indeed probably abnormal and yes it might be that but i STILL SUSPECT PILLS LOL

    the demos


    i mean

    12:57:03: : might be misleading because normal bodies get this from ethyl poisoning too, the bromance-phenomenon

    ... even if this one doesnt have that and goes dark or quiet instead

    12:55:29: : maybe it just shouldnt be

    like a witch convention to the spanish inquisition

    its better they dont

    cmdr Gato
    12:55:06: : mmmmm

    and the number of times it says "we love [insert anything here]" on the big screen i suspect they do more pills than a korsakov concert but a different kind too

    the ones we used to like

    with no regard for lost braincells like "well by next week i'll still have more than yo momma so ..."


    a certain kind of elitism makes it not too accessible

    12:52:17: : yea probably between 95-105 when the doors open and about 10 less by sunday lol

    yah ... "the last of the non plastified brains, got money to travel, got money to party, got money to write demos for 5000 euro retro amigas

    "an obscure niche" people

    12:51:09: : xept for the avg iq on the classic scale being somewhat over 90 on any gathering perhaps

    12:49:57: : fairly obvious "the world" doesnt understand the scope of scene as a global phenomenon tho it seems to be an un-american non chinese thing

    despite what a lot of these folk are fairly normal but not 99% mundane humans who just happen to have a fetish thats not rims or footy

    cmdr Gato
    12:37:51: : hmm, jihad as in =ragnarok

    that didnt look like an invitation to a halal party

    12:37:27: : jihad probably ? its also "the end of days"

    tho with foreign and more eastern theres usually more than one way to translate

    sometimes they fight wars over it themselves

    12:36:41: : yea

    some kind of prolongued mass-suicidal process where the last un-plastified brains on the planet gather to celebrate ragnarok and armageddon

    tho i wonder what they do in budapest

    Syntax Error
    12:35:51: : in budapest nonetheless

    tho i dont think those trees are realtime formulas but precalc or objects

    it kinda confirms its all just one big rave hahah

    05:35:50: : lets

    well it did take 2:16 for a 32pass mandelbrot on that donated i7

    yea "more fucked than usual"

    probably not such a bad terminology its saturday too so maybe we get 80 cars an hour i.o. 50 now

    Syntax Error
    05:33:38: : 5:30 ... maybe get 15 minutes of code in, the streetlights are on for those 200 cyclists that pass by night (they sure dont by they) so the place looks as ugly as ever


    and then we have to face outside for at least 30 minutes



    so lets consider the day more fucked than usual to start with

    cmdr Gato
    05:32:22: :

    well well

    nice kind of cellshading ... cocoon, ... im still not surprised no one goes like WOAW this is definitely a farbrausch killer b/c compared to the machine and actually the fact that 1080p is around-2000 mid res while 4k is around 2010 hi-res

    im amazed they still do pre-calc on machines with 5000 dollar cpus and gpus

    literally $25k pcs lol

    but the machine at revision seems like they're not rich about it

    an i9


    rx 6000

    very "midlevel"

    if not low by these days

    05:25:15: : yea, quantum zero chance seems likely this way, maybe we should just wrap it already til winter and watch neighbours on tv or something
    cmdr Gato
    05:24:43: : look at the time
    05:21:17: : i guess - if we're to be stuck here b/c of their inbred shit then they can bear it ... totally unanimous

    cmdr Gato
    05:20:47: : you have acquired "minor plumbing" lvl 1 : +5 points : "SUPERGLUE" !

    we'll bill the mental damage to "de mensen" en


    later i suppose ?

    05:20:00: : well douchekop is in place but cat is scared to go outside half the time now with the bullshit they opened up here instead of 50 metres where no houses are
    cmdr Gato
    05:12:25: : and so now they're stuck

    and spend billions on quantum computers that can solve "certain theoretical problems faster" ...

    so thats silver well spent

    the most suicidal species on the planet, it kinda stands with the theory that they're just on top b/c of the big mouth and the blabber

    05:11:12: : just take this

    64-bit CPUs have been used in supercomputers since the 1970s (Cray-1, 1975) and in reduced instruction set computers (RISC) based workstations and servers since the early 1990s. In 2003, 64-bit CPUs were introduced to the mainstream PC market in the form of x86-64 processors and the PowerPC G5.

    and understand most of it since past the 1960s has been salesforce blabber
    and moore shit where you take the same thing and make the electrons travel less fast but actually no innovation

    Syntax Error
    05:09:37: : you compile it

    then i still havent heart about a vec3 opcode or a vec3 enabled cpu or

    an object processing cpu

    Syntax Error
    05:08:45: : akshully it would be more like dim v(2) since you get v(0,1,2) there and in this case vec3 has 3 float values referred to as x.y.z in object format

    its all semantics to forget that its all von neumann and you write the same shit in basic you do in any other high level

    Syntax Error
    05:07:08: : some kind of a 3point array which you refer to as one variable and is to them a datatype

    but if you were to dim a(3) its not a vec3 for some reason, same shit applies since 1995

    Syntax Error
    05:05:51: : i dont know enough about GLSL to know whats impressive or not

    its look like c# used in unity and unigine

    t stands for time or something probably

    and vec3 is just some kind of euclidean coordinate its not an actual vector (as far as i think i remember)

    looks like a nice set but if you put this on a crowd thats heffed up past midnight the voting will be off HAHAH

    hey, look its drukkerland, i saw some dawn in the distance

    we are still in drukkerland

    hell is here

    Syntax Error
    05:04:05: : ?


  • 04/21/2023 :
    18:36:49: : i guess that would be standard practice
    18:36:28: : dark clouds gather over the director

    who cares, just do stuff until its full and then see

    cmdr Gato
    18:36:07: : hm
    18:35:58: : or we just add a screen with "we were typing scrolltext every day when doing this and suddenly realized it was more than we could put screens in for"

    and then have like 15 minutes of scrolltext on a black screen
    Syntax Error
    18:35:14: : the music is a bit of an issue with different themes i thought it was FF patterns/ tracks but its like 60 (decimal) frames

    over somewhat more tracks so you have to make an arrangement with 60 patterns considering how it goes theres

    o wait no on there was

    EIGHT !

    eight tracks, 60 frames which each have 64 ticks, no swing or anything that i could find

    so technically the way its written theres like ... euhm

    3 tracks short

    ... so a few screens will have to do sound without the tracker unless you wanna redo the backbone

    18:32:48: : shheeeeee

    onimatsu-ni-san !

    its a shame, isnt it, without humans we might actually have still given some kind of fuck about something by now

    seems like a waste to not finish the tictro tho it keeps shrinking after expanding, i still think the codespace can be put down to 20kb from the 34 it has now , theres around 40kb left to stack shit in but we already had too much scrolltext lol
    Syntax Error
    18:18:28: : des, got stuff to do

    we have acquired fixed and tested doejskop btw

    today the shower

    tomorrow the world

    (make that toilet)

    nice to know the guys with the money are spending it in france :)

    but hm

    at least we get to ward of afpersbureaus for fun in the mean time

    whats not to like


    cmdr Gato
    18:17:19: : dont mention it anymore, just inquire to start the procedure, let them know and send a signed letter containing the mail too in case it goes that far and the judge is 1830s and wants to see paper

    and thats that, unless they prove Argenta lies

    which seems kinda unlikely

    even for belgium

    18:15:32: : hey man,

    thats how protection rackets work the guy probbaly always dreamt of moving to be yakuza or something

    forgot its belgium but actually its not bad right

    if you do that by mail its spam

    if you do it like that

    send 50 people a letter that says YOU DIDNT PAY THIS, JUST PAY €50 now and its fixed

    every month

    and bam you're driving a beamer

    cmdr Gato
    18:14:20: : unlikely


    depends on next year and whats left of the world, atm with that fedex retard its a bit hard to think too

    cant believe that crud flies on a bill thats paid 40 days ago

    Syntax Error
    18:13:34: : so wanna submit a 642megabyte agk demo next year ? ... dont think so, right ?

    18:13:04: : since it became 90% that we wouldnt get out of hole anymore

    18:12:48: : 8k times (3+x) usually just three yes, GODS DAM how long has that been ?

    Syntax Error
    18:12:00: : the oversized untweaked 8k textures might have something to do with that

    blame the guy who put them online like that

    18:11:25: : just the small bit of the city and the 100km² map of udmarkhavn is like 15gb the last revision

    "revision" lol

    after compiling

    we havent actually upgraded to the last version yet


    motivation is small isnt it in the present situation

    18:09:34: : mechasm is 1gb, yea i remember that number too ... it must have been a confusion b/c i dont remember THAT page


    so in essence a folder with 100 times crud AGK leaves thats 1gb in size is okay as a submission ?

    Syntax Error
    18:07:07: : wa hoo

  • im not sure if i wanna put this on #1 over FLT or #2 after it

    its like these guys are like "HEY check out our new game engine proto next year "its only 64mb" lol


    "first-production" ....

    hoo hey

    where did i get "64mb" ?



    it says "no filesize limit" and check it out, its a folder with like 20 dlls and a media folder, it looks like an appgamekit folder lol

    only with a lot more crud

    and its

    624 mb (which is still fairly impressive but compared to valheim maybe a little less but the scenes are mid-res 1080p)

    WHERE DID I GET 64 MB ????????

    i thought it said max 64mb

    13:09:15: : well, someone should leave him in a ditch with a flag up his ass that said

    "daddy shouldnt have done that" then burn down his house and tell the kids

    "daddy shouldnt have done that im sorry there is nothing we can do"
    13:08:32: : and otherwise we know its another one of those scambags who already failed a bar en een frituur en drives around leased beamers bought from others misery and stealing little kids toys b/c "daddy shouldnt have done that"

    cmdr Gato
    13:07:45: : yea but im not gonna check until tomorrow or money, if the guy is serious about the job he has 10 times the info to check that its been paid 40 days ago

    cmdr Gato
    13:07:14: : mh

    dont feel much like it anyway so lets first shake of that afpersingsbureau, i suggest send all mails three ways and start including per ongeluk vredegerecht already

    13:06:32: : also : had a bottle, wondered why b/c it used to be different, so suggest no sake for at least another six b/c tante sidonia and muslimland, tante gatpolis en pummelgat is always lurking

    its like we're driving stone piss when we walk having two beers in gat



    cmdr Gato
    13:04:16: : 30-15
    cmdr Gato
    13:03:40: : a, we have arrived at pc-demo

    ... xept we saw the first 3 already but lets see what flipcoin says

    13:02:32: : probably not a bad idea in the name of prevention

    13:02:18: : good thing the standard pills were out of supply then

    but i suggest we get the standard tomorrow and keep these for "gatland"-days

    i mean like "quadruple gatland" not just the standard double-gatland

    cmdr Gato
    13:01:35: : i dont think anyone does, its hypotethic-verse - theres too much stress around at 40-50 cars an hour in a dead end street for 50 years and afpersing by fedex

    ... its close to the red zone i can see that on the monitor
    13:00:45: : i didnt know anyone had intention to compete
    13:00:29: : yea but all the agk stuff fits within a virtual resolution its just gonna look less happy below 4k uHDr

    Syntax Error
    12:59:51: : nyeah, ... we'll just have to wait for Zig to see b/c we cant count AGK without the player so that only fits the 64mb limit (with ease i suppose ; a whole 64mb of actual script/code... that would be somewhoat something)

    tis fine, but i wondder, maybe they allow 4K as "newskool" by 2030, then it has about the same age difference as livescript newskool

    12:58:11: :

    compo fillers aint compo fillers no more
    11:38:48: : amazing there too , the broken supply chain "forced" double strong pills , ... and one week later american extortion and afpersinsbureau starts again , i dont hink i ever had this over a bill thats 40 days paid tho

    so im suspecing some spiteful plasticbrains - i hope we can get someone sacked

    after all, shit like this can really wreck someones life

    and now we take double since the pills are double and the shit started so at least theres some calm but they still succeed in killing second cycle

    the head cant recover

    the infection doesnt go down

    all part of the "set him off" plan again ?

    11:33:59: : o but apparently

    "Image result for what country is dhl
    Deutsche Post
    DHL became a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post in 2002. Deutsche Reichspost is succeeded by Deutsche Bundespost. As a government agency, Deutsche Bundespost is responsible for national and international postal services and telecommunications."

    THAT is owned by ones of chinas biggest trade partner countries

    ... never even considered that part when they revealed how team Joe-land tried to pite german business

    its actually AGAIN against china

    more like to stay on top, at all cost and collateral

    dont understand how these eurosuits can be this friendly to those racketeers


    razor just has to be special again and not do a formulaic texture expanding :p

    sued by GAIA soon lol

    11:31:36: : unbelievable

    all the times chatgpt or ai gets clicked away and it keeps shoving "just one" in the sideline , as if its ... "vain" ?

    and now it gets even videos that have been flatout denied and clicked away back for a second time

    and there's no alternative to american bullshit

    even if you order china its DHL

    11:26:15: : thee deer guys, i think i saw one of those demos with the deer before

    ... yea some kind of mixed splatmap and then out comes someting like this its pretty amazing all
    Syntax Error
    07:17:35: : you know ever since unigine scenes like these are a lot more clear if you see how they construct their stuff

    06:26:34: : really still amazes me how someone would put up something on demozoo and not bother with a video
    06:16:41: :

    hmm, its impossible to do something in AGK under 5-10 mb due to the player but i really feel a heightmap just once - the 128b(ASIC)ytes c64 is gonna take some quite time to get something that looks like something and that tic thing is gone take half-forever b/c as the syntax says : its 36kb in codespace and about 30 left in the rest if we can manage to figure out dataformats, as the malice say we gonna run out of frames before we have enough screens to put the scrolltext in we alraedy have and just removing the crud in the code will bring it down to 20kb which leaves about 40

    in the meantime i assume GAT will try to annoy us for some reasons unfathomable to anything but gatverstand

    so shit is gonna be shyte

    ... so why not a small terrain, in AGK that should be 123 and zig is far away

  • 04/20/2023 :
    16:05:48: : i get more like a mucus or jizz-foetus vibe but yea

    certainly outworldish

    16:04:13: : well well well

  • stahlbeton 2 is definitely the right winner due to its visual content in literal 4k but

    i really like

    "procedural soapbubble jellyfish foetus"

    it somewhat feels like the retro guys are quitting tho

    and the neo-guys all formulaic

    Syntax Error
    15:31:11: : thats where im still consufed as a lamer ... im not sure its a renderer or more like a player since these 4K intros are hooked on one single style mostly so i doubt fullscale realtime raytracing is needed


    tbh, i cant say cos i wouldnt know
    Syntax Error
    15:30:07: : hm

    4k renderers sure seem like artful writing
    15:27:00: : a mystery that can involve police and/or politics as proven by the mysteriously teleporting passport

    an obvious sign of "WE DID THIS" but they never signed a name to it

    otherwise ... i still give it 70+ chance we would be in another country now

    cmdr Gato
    15:26:03: : yea but that probably falls under "do that when we're dead"

    and everyone wonders why we say "the addamses" like bart says homer huh ?


    15:25:24: : it must be nice to be a laise com sa ... if that window or part falls out on someone coming round the back i wonder what de familiale will say

    cmdr Gato
    15:24:14: : its a good thing we live at the sea or there wouldnt even be wrakhout to make roeiriemen with

    15:23:50: : if we skip the evening shower since we had one before the doc then we can see tomorrow what it says

    but its not gonna move much anymore
    cmdr Gato
    15:23:14: : i wont take complaints it was broken a month and a half before they fled to france
    cmdr Gato
    15:22:33: : uhuh
    cmdr Gato
    15:22:21: : this one certainly doesnt look like all the others


    you have aquired "yo(?)-superglue that needs to be opened with prongs" and a clamp ?
    Syntax Error
    11:56:04: : it still baffles that in 2023 the max limit is 2002 Full Hd-skool

    (or something that range)

    but yea - maybe later when we grow up and zig, by 2035
    Syntax Error
    11:55:06: : stahlbeton v2 , by 2030 they'll have a live action movie

    very impressive again tho in a 4k zipfile

    but this even more :

    t:~/Downloads/Roadtrip.party$ wc -c *
     2697 Roadtrip.nfo
     4095 [email protected]
     4086 Roadtrip.party.1080.exe
     4086 Roadtrip.party.720.exe
    14964 total
    all within 4096b unzipped

    tho that part will unpack too probably - so how do you fit a renderer, lighting, shading, realtime streamed data AND content in 4k ? ?
    03:04:39: : my projections state the chances of that are slim and slimmer by the second since 2019
    03:04:19: : maybe we should move there io this weak ass retard hole until we get out of hell
    cmdr Gato
    03:03:56: : yea but you are not molenbeek, they have special privileges
    03:03:40: : more expensive than doulbe paying the same bill but a lot more satisfactory

    cant imagine more than money if you can set a whole police station on fire for an ankle bracelet ... seems like a good destresser trade-off
    03:02:53: : hm

    "you have acquired : hospital bill"

    03:01:29: : i bet they got a lot of sparks b/c they dont wanna kill their own farmers for ukrainian doubleprice grain anymore.

    But its not the first time poland shows balls...it just reaffirms, zelensky shoulda surrendered on day one and went resistance, half the economic shit today wouldnt be happening or at least a lot less bad bc there would be no excuse and the americans wouldnt have a break foundation to stand on for their china tradewar (in the name of freedom)

    Ukraine is , as was clear from the start, the sacrificial lamb ... and they stepped right in it. All to bring america back so fedex can extort the rest of the world too , last time i checked they werent all too back tho

    and still visiting turkey, the guy who supports IS in syria AND joins BRICS ... and ignoring like "europe"

    ... even for an american diplomat ...

    and here we are, house falling apart , no life no future and some afpers pusher trying to get the psychological 50 fast despite 5 times HERE IS THE PAYMENT ON MARCH 15TH

    kinda glad i didnt see him at the door b/C i really have no clue how i would react to a parasite like that after all they did before


    more demos than, at least theres more demos

    cmdr Gato
    02:56:52: : saw Edison some time before right , finally another c64 flt lol

    but poland keeping atari alive

    free gadgets, free coffee free tea ...

    thats dedication
    02:44:35: : putting obscure back into obscure ... looks like the toilet leaks less than a bucket a day for some reason again but it also looks like the microwave gave out

    And with that afpersingsbureau retard up our ass i have to say inspiration is low

    lets hope the humans get equal karma as what they did to us (the others)

    again this year
    02:23:52: : havent seen the new RGN yet btw

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