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Janes Birdie V2/steemit coagulator :: 05/04/2023

  1. 05/04/2023 :
    12:05:36: : guess thats it then

    cmdr Gato
    10:00:57: : it would, wouldnt it

    very american
    cmdr Gato
    10:00:37: : haa

    pavlov gnome still thinks suggestions is something that comes by default, not something that is asked for

  2. 05/02/2023 :
    19:03:49: : even the original stick the kid had


    ... uitverkocht is the new black
    19:01:45: : guh huuh



    19:00:17: : c64 still in prime, but the atari joystick that was with it

    apparently the rubber cap is loose so the joystick slipped out and it rattles now

    something inside broke WHAT A DRAG

    so far all replacements niet meer leverbaar

    there is no spoon in belgium

    Syntax Error
    15:28:41: : they're getting smarter :

    Doesn't post to Belgium ... a fresh one
    Syntax Error
    06:51:02: : everything past 1990 is ... everything past ... SEE IS SAY 1990 but its probably like "somewhere between 85 an 90) and after that its all "yesterday"

    Syntax Error
    06:50:11: : hmm, it almost feels like back then we had realsmile ... but must be about the last year or period - its really hard to tell isnt it

    06:49:38: : we should send a thank you card to the lady who was going on about how she had to upgrade her pc to 128mb ram in order to do a star wars scroller in Adobe

    Syntax Error
    06:49:00: : heh, back in the pleistocene when BOOKS about HTML 5 sold out ...

    remember "the summer vacation i missed" html on canvas with oldskool livescript (sneer) and daynight cycles in ellipses with a sun with rotating corona made of more circles and like WOAW

    and now css with about NULL javascript does this in 512b
    06:46:52: : it certainly doesnt, makes me wonder what else you can shorthand
    Syntax Error
    06:46:31: : there you have the title, and it certainly does - i see theres foul trickery again ... that does not look like proper code
    06:45:52: : it certainly bobs
    Syntax Error

  3. 05/01/2023 :
    17:14:03: : there was no life to get back to here in hole in the first place, so at best that gets a kneejerk allergic reaction

    we assume it was gatland poison by neanderthals , if he pulls through he's not 12 months anymore but this is the absolute cherry on top


    the silence must already be outspoken to afluisterboekje by now

    cmdr Gato
    17:12:32: : i just consider pavlov gnome probably having a NOW BACK TO LIFE reaction ... so
    17:12:08: : you can

    if cat doesnt recover we stop posting steemit and break no other social networks, distance from humans completely unless unavoidable and sit back to watch the decline

    dont say what we plan and dont say what not

    there would be no more reason to pretend polite to that filth covering the planet

    its responsible for everything

    as is gat to our life

    yes you can, but i thought that was already clear
    cmdr Gato
    17:10:24: : can i safely assume

  4. 04/30/2023 :
    15:01:20: : yea no way thats water boiling point, its not even body temperature next to it on the board
    Syntax Error
    15:00:26: : duly noted, however , now everythings tested, bats, mats, panels i suggest wrapping it b/c summer will probably not bring electricity panic and its safer if its out of reach of accidental inhabitants who never touch anything at all ...

    just in case, i mean id like to have these things ready for when shit hits the fan,

    not broken out of some sort of spite or whatever the fuck it is

    cmdr Gato
    14:59:06: : its needs more checking , it just stays on 100 game visible, game on other desktop, and now with an open case, cleaned out fans without a speck AND a huge room fan on it, put my fingers on the board next to it it aint even warm ..

    so this "critical 100°" message seems more like a system error ...

    despite that, the cpu fan is rickety, i would still advise investing one
    12:34:38: : see ? an ad takes it to 75° (while the applet rates 82 as high) while playing the actual video takes it down to 64)

    12:25:11: : thats gud b/c vroemvroem billy will need it for the radiator , but im sure there will be plenty of gas heh


    cmdr Gato
    12:24:45: : well thats a first, IM SURE Nestlé still had bottled water !

    12:24:22: : well, opening youtube ups it to 86 straight up ... but i already observed firefox/chrome + youtube is one of the most cpu hogging things next to windows (on linux here)

    im sure ITS NOT THE TELEMETRY (such a nice-rated word for tracker code)


    i remember the very same youtube videos playing stat and the browser popping up <1 second on a celeron pc

    and its the same videos but it takes the cpu from 56 to 86 in like <2 seconds , just opening youtube, not even playing the video

    SO, we have to advise the board that a cooler to keep it <70° at load is not a bad investment (im sure in belgium THERE IS NO COMPONENT SHORTAGE, only in all the worlds sites of guys who build custom hardware for a living ... fucked by Crotter)
    12:18:27: : i know but cpu can go for 15 or more years afaik maybe indefinite when taken care of so in this case considering the apocalypse its more like prevention

    like barb wire and landmines on the driveway in 5 years

    12:17:28: : mmh, desktop pcs might be the domain of elon musks kid in a few years, but that just makes it sound more like a ploy by crApple doesnt it

    yea, if(money){...\}

    cuz you know
    cmdr Gato
    12:16:34: : cpu from 80-100° to 50 on boot 60 during desktop/browsers - kinda forgot but we only cleaned the case once during the whole last addams-in-belgium period ...

    what i WOULD suggest, specially considering the shortages (which imo are indefinite) is a cooler, nothing fancy that keeps it at like if possible under 70 during load (like x4 foundations or something, which had it going 100° critical all the time, which is weird b/c i always assumed the mobo shuts down if it does that so apparently it doesnt), this should get at least the game running at 17fps io 16 haha

    but in order to preserve the cpu i think a new fan wouldnt be a bad idea, nothing cringe-car level


  5. 04/29/2023 :
    19:10:18: : mnyah

    Out of stock due to the global component shortage. Currently we do not have an ETA on when more stock will arrive, sorry.

    there certainly IS NO PROBLEM

    right, before i get gloomy ....

    lets cycle

    Syntax Error
    19:05:02: : hm how quaint

    i wonder why those didnt sell out yet :D ...



    good thing we got spare hard drives from the covid panic

    as for the rest

    it looks like its gonna be for musks kids only

    Syntax Error
    19:04:09: : there are still available

    19:01:39: : uhuh

    out of stock

    out of stock

    out of stock

    out of stock

    out of stock

    $300 (lol)

    America sure is BACK !

    so where does that leave us ?

    Syntax Error
    18:59:44: : you know ever since inflation is over

    niet leverbaar

    All gone! Unfortunately we have been unable to secure FPGAs for another batch of OSSC at this time. We don’t expect any more until Q4 2023.


    the supply lines have at least got fixed

  6. 04/27/2023 :
    05:44:24: : mjah, last chance was years ago - they cant fix broken eggs and now we are left with the damage
    cmdr Gato
    05:43:56: : maat dat is niet weirken , ook niet in den of of bustik

    voor een baas !

    05:43:29: : so far so good, now lets hope the panels didnt get "sabotaged by no one" during winter b/c ZJALOES of tiejn of tander

    then we are gud for a few months unless it starts sooner - all in favour of more bats hold your silence as well as the dustsucker fans b/c look at that corner - and move one thing, something else falls down in this crampshack

    cmdr Gato
    03:38:23: : not goodfact indeed
    cmdr Gato
    03:37:54: : realfact
    03:37:42: : yea but the chinese got their shit straight while our great allies try to rip one off on top

    sadly thats another FACT again we have had to experience

    03:37:05: : tho with the fedex bullshit you can blame import, tho not quite 50 times

    just "double" lol

    03:36:37: : 12.55/57 under load, captain cat wins the keiremes-esp , lesson one remember : ALWAYS turn off meter and unplug ... after five months again : they were stuck on ampmeter ... good thing i was fast heheh

    or we could buy another one probably, the inverter works fine, the bats are full like 100% , not 97 apparently (well 99 at least i suppose tho 12.7+ should be considered full as a quick recap)

    which makes them still the perfect choice for us - ... we are so l33t it hurts to be a broke bum with no degrees who's too stupid because he didnt go to school enough

    so i'll let it run for 10-15% of bats

    yea we should get some more before the inevitable happens

    and pity the fool who doesnt buy made in china or buys made in china LOCAL BECAUSE BUY LOCAL (who bought it in china and charges 50 times the price and blames import)

    Syntax Error
    03:31:50: : you assume theres gonna be potable water to boil in ten years outside

    03:31:28: : well, then we have a roof that can power the ricecooker for hot water and rice , ALWAYS-POSITIVE !
    03:30:48: : omoshiroiness continues : the meter wasnt reset since they got back so thats december, which comes down to 543 kwh for the panel heater, so at current rates max thats about €2 per day average

    thats basically affordable even if we have to stick it out assuming they dont sell the house from under our ass and we have to use the solar panels to make a carboard box to live in
    Syntax Error
    02:57:07: : still at full without being touched , so thats gonna be like ... its been a while (5 months :p) ... 12.5 under load ? yea testing time agreed - once every six wont wear them out before shit creek in 5 - 10 years

    but we should get some more when money allows
    02:55:48: : 12.79 on the dot, 12.80 after a sec

    thats been december, january,feb, march, april , FIVE MONTHS

    no shit they say 3% in six months max

    thats a bit better than the steam deck battery isnt it

    Syntax Error

  7. 04/26/2023 :
    10:36:52: : i think maybe that pitemachine is intentionally slipping in ONE video in the sidebar per day to peek - a bit like microsoft or facebook does sales "until its sold b/c we have the money to hold out"
    Syntax Error
  8. 04/25/2023 :
    18:51:32: : google maps and too lazy to use an usb stick
    cmdr Gato
    18:51:13: : why we always do offline, right ... xept for here apparently

    anyone remember why ?

    18:50:48: : sleeper programs
    Syntax Error
    18:47:50: : no interesting, at least i found out a few errors in the docs, normalmaps go in 2 not 1

    1 is lightmaps but no clue what the colors are

    Syntax Error
    18:47:14: : could use cubes and flat planes
    18:46:59: : a bit out of hand
    Syntax Error
    18:46:49: : 15 second simulation to visualize something ?

  9. 04/24/2023 :
    03:13:09: : fonts do feel like too much for lightweight afternoon tea since theres ten million free - maybe you just mail the guy and say "hey do you wanna part of "the group" for this prod and put his name on demozoo and then its suddenly "your stuff" ?
    03:12:16: : fixObjectoObject lol , i guess AGK is what you call "a codebase" then since its all C written as basic

    i wonder : if you use a cc0 font will the demo be botched since its "not your stuff"
    Syntax Error

  10. 04/23/2023 :
    02:59:11: : hmmm mm,

    the "lets put a highway through that dead end street io the empty one 50 m further" doesnt seem to help in changing me into



    one day i woke up and after 40 years ...




    doesnt seem to work, i have no idea who put that idea in their head

    02:57:52: : 1.2 to the beat yo en je moeder dat is gengster

    de money

    je moeder

    de money

    je moeder

    (repeat 20 times)


    yo !

    ... i suggest a day of layoff, it seems to have gotten a little better, maybe a whole day of rest might actually fix something, whatever it is "the cold will be gone when we have house alone in two weeks" still seems to work

    wether its humans or less dust

    and just figure a way to move the top box to the bottom toilet

    after all we have a few months and no money for anything real

    cmdr Gato

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