Jane Eats: Bahama Breeze, Raleigh, North Carolina

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When I went on my trip to North Carolina, I ate and drank so much! In one of my posts I mentioned I gained some weight and this restaurant definitely had something to do with it. The name of this cute place is called Bahama Breeze and is located in Raleigh, NC. It's a Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant with so many options that makes you want to be on the beach drinking their entire cocktail menu.


I ordered the Ultimate Pineapple, and next to my pineapple is @domirep's drink which was called Dreamin' of Blue Seas.

My mom @cristinamoronta got a cocktail flight, Mama's Hooch & Holler


We definitely had to try some apps so we went with some chicken empanadas and fried shrimp. Personally, I didn't enjoy the empanadas as much as I enjoyed the fried shrimp.
Chicken Empanadas

Fried Shrimp

Bring on the Entrees

Do you know when you are stuck on between two different meals to choose from when you're in a restaurant and then when you finally get your meal you realized that you made the wrong choice?? Yep that was me! I ended up getting a stuffed sweet plantain, but honestly I've had better. I knew I should of went with the pasta I was eyeing. Thats alright, I gave it a whopping 3 stars.

@spenceryan eded up getting a chicken burger which was SO GOOD. Yes, I had a taste of his food and I was jealous! It's alright, next time I know what not to get.

And that's all folks! I know there are several Bahama Breeze locations, I would love to hear your thoughts on them if you have ever been!

Jane ❤️

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First, very good shots, well framed and all the details are glimpsed, I fell in love with the pina colada, and the fried shrimp, I imagine the decoration by its name must be very tropical, I really liked its publication. Greetings @paolajane

Gracias Perla !! Me alegro que te gusta mis fotos :)

Very good article with excellent pictures and the food looks yummy as do the cocktails

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