15 Best Most Popular News Websites in the world

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In this rapidly changing world, where everyone has a smartphone in their hand, buying and carrying the newspaper to the office or home seems to be a very difficult task.

So here, in this article, we are providing you with the 15 Best Most Popular News Websites in the world.

But before moving further we all must be familiar with the very basic question and that is

What are Online News Portals?
Well, if you just look a few years back, then reading newspapers considered one of the greatest hobbies one can have.

But nowadays nobody has time to go out and buy a newspaper. So, here is what the role of the internet comes into play.

Online news portals allow people to read the news with ease. All you need is just have a smartphone with internet connectivity and today this is more common to have than having a pet at home.

Some Pros and Cons of Online News Portals:


Retains the habit of reading news.
Saves a lot of money.
Allows you to share the news with someone else, sitting in different geographical location.
It also keeps you updated if you subscribed to your favorite online news portal website.

Decreased the production and sale of print media ( traditional newspapers ).
Affected some of the well-known newspapers who refused to shift online.
In case you lost internet connectivity or your phone battery died, you won’t be able to see the news.

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