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Joshua. Firewood. Snow remnants. Taonga Farm. Chrissie Mayr Simpcast Talk Dating Sunday the first day of January of 2023. Jesus Chosen Libs Unlocking Smart House Tyranny Monday. Alex Stein 99 is Jay Leno 89 Tuesday. Twitter Removed My Christmas Post Wednesday. Upcoming 2023 Movies, My Top 3 video Thursday. Kevin McCarthy became the speaker. Elon Musk Water Car Joe Biden Roy Merrick Pizza Mayr 70s Oatmeal Snow Episode Friday. Tomato Back On Twitter Saturday.

Ojawall2 Intro Video Sunday the 8th. Diamond Lynette Hardaway of Diamond & Silk RIP. How Fix Broken Corrupt Truncated OBS VLC Mp4 Ubuntu Videos Monday. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tuesday. Bookcase put in hallway. Internet Library Librarians & Visitors Wednesday. Jim Sparks Thursday. Piers Morgan interviewed Alex Jones in 2023 Friday. FNT Ruh Roh, Nuremberg, Jordan Peterson, Wife Video Saturday.

America does not own the Mississippi river Sunday the 15th. CDC Blaming Big Pharma For Killer Covid Vaccines Monday. Steven Crowder Exposes Bad Contracts Tuesday. Crowder vs Dailywire Wednesday. Candace Owens vs Steven Crowder Thursday. Lauren Chen On Crowder vs. Dailywire Friday. Alex Jones is Team Steven Crowder Saturday.

Ted Cruz Cult Dailywire, Scott Adams Says Uncle Sunday the 22nd. Dailwire Will Not Cancel Cancel Culture Clauses Monday. BxBulletTV vs Tree of Logic Tuesday. Dailywire Bimbo Contract Wednesday. Naked Roy Merrick Bumbaloe Jackalope Thursday. Pfizer Caught By Project Veritas Friday. Eliza Bleu Was a Cam Girl? Saturday. Terahertz Wand Sunday. Lee Ann McAdoo Monday. Tucker Carlson as Jon Snow Tuesday.

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Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens 42A3694D8CC7804ABF5C4BB8D5BC776C.jpg

Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens January 2023

Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-01 - January of 2023 | Published in January of 2023


Chrissie Mayr Simpcast Talk Dating

2023-01-01 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-01-01 22-42-44.png

NES is Old School Cool

During the last few hours of 2022, over 2 billion requests were sent to Infowars Store dot com, it was basically a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack attempting to take down the biggest threat to globalism @elonmusk. Twitter just told me taxes is sensitive @elonmusk. That is retarded. I am against taxes. Elon Musk, are you going to ban me off Twitter for being against taxes? Here is the screenshot I just got. Simpcast Brittany Venti, XiaLand, Melonie Mac, Lee Ann Star, and Chrissie Mayr talking about creepy stalkers, spammers, trolls, scammers, online, offline. Good to talk about the differences between normal activity and insanity. You should listen to this worthy conversation.

Jesus Chosen Libs Unlocking Smart House Tyranny

2023-01-02 - Monday

Taco Jesus Lettuce Pray 323925864_1770475239992538_2691147895466337327_n.jpg

Wanna Taco Bout Jesus, Lettuce Pray Shirt

Chosen 304. Timcast: Libs. Simpcast Icon Brittany Venti, leader of the Brittler Youth. Buy her shirts now (see) somewhere I swear. I like Ben Garrison's political cartoons and I like Dilbert creator Scott Adams for his insights in his videos. Scott should forgive Ben. Jordan Peterson shared this meme. How can 3 people share 2 apples? Easy. It involves a lot of red. They kill one and then two remaining people can share the 2 apples, one apple per person, problem solved if you are into communism which is code for tyranny. Apple promoter iJustine: "Definitely stabbing a person unfortunately." I was once on iJustine in 2009. I have a thing for her. Dang. This tweet caught me by surprise. This tweet kind of made me laugh.

Alex Stein 99 is Jay Leno 89

2023-01-03 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-01-03 03-59-20.png

1980s Jay Leno, when he was in his 30s, reminds me of Prime Time Alex Stein 99

Alex Stein @alexstein99 Prime Time 99 reminds me of @jayleno who was in his 30s in the 1980s. I was just watching Jay as a guest on David Letterman. Jay wasn't exactly confronting globalists but he was roasting Hollywood writers, his TV Guide bit.

Fake Trek is like a bimbo blond begging for attention by whoring derailing drama which messes with the canon, the timeline, the lore, the logic.

Twitter Removed My Christmas Post

2023-01-04 - Wednesday

2023-01-04 - Wednesday - Alex Jones and his wife, outside Flri7-kWYAEmN1h.jpeg

Infowars Alex Jones and his hot wife.

Powerline. Slither. Snake games. Covid Vaccines kill people. YouTube removed my 2019 music video where I sing about it. Google deleted my 10K+ videos & Elon Musk's Twitter removed my tweet. The @JoeyArnoldVN account has been waiting for 2 weeks for @elonmusk to respond, Twitter removed a post which reported on hate speech, it was not attacking. Instead, it was quoting abused being directed at Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Please respond to my emails and the forms I submit. Blood circulates through the human body every 23 seconds.

Upcoming 2023 Movies, My Top 3 video

2023-01-05 - Thursday

Trump Kiss FlgsZoVXkAEU7qA.jpeg

The Trump Kiss

Upcoming 2023 Movies, My Top 3 video. Mario. Barbie. Mermaid. A Nightmare, Hell On Earth. The Cautious MaJo @mamamtoto is wrong. Masks make people unhealthy. It is hurting people. Covid Vaccines are killing people over the course of many years in the 2020s and 2030s. When I taught English in Vietnam for 5 years, my income varied. Part of the problem is overhead costs. Another problem is when funds come from taxes. Another issue is that of curriculum, class sizes, scheduling, etc. What we need is more freelance agency, flexibility, negotiation. Whether or not an individual teacher is underpaid or overpaid is mute, the better question is regarding negotiation, leverage, the ability to customize freelance curriculum, classes, class size, in person learning, online study, etc. The free market needs less red tape.

TikTok has a long list of banned words it seems which is retarded. But this video is great. Twitter still has a few words you can't say (hate speech is what they call it) but TikTok might be the worst social network of all time lol. Twitter Needs Video Playlists. One of the biggest genre jump I remember was back in 1993 with the educational Mario is Missing and Time Machine which were interesting but not captivating. The Old Dig Myself To China Joke. Elon Musk: "If I dig my grave deep enough, maybe it comes out other side of Earth 🤔."

When Mario All-Stars came out for SNES, I was able to see Mario Lost Levels for the first time, it was almost identical to the original game but harder. It wasn't released in America originally. Yeah, Mario 2 was different/similar and I enjoyed it more sometimes. I fell asleep watching Rogue One and imagine a prequel to a sequel to a prequel of the original sequel trilogy. I watched Star Wars Andor and it was like a very slow tempo science fiction chick flick. I was curious but it wasn't captivating or engaging.

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